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  • Name: Baby Name Walden

    A name that summons up placid images of Thoreau's Walden Pond .

  • Name: Baby Name Concord

    With its ties to tranquil Walden Pond , and harmonious meaning, this could be a modern virtue name.

  • Forums: First name decided! Help with middle name please!

    Harper Grace Harper Kate Harper Claire Our last name is Pond , so I thought a one syllable mn sounds best, but I'm not sure

  • Name: Baby Name Thoreau

    This completely unique possibility evokes the calm and tranquility of Henry David Thoreau's Walden Pond -- but could be seen as a tad feminine.

  • Forums: Quirky yet traditional - is it possible?

    Good luck! I'm not sure about Emerald with your surname. You said it may be shortened to Pond .

  • Forums: What do you think?

    lol I see the problem with Reese Pond /respond :) That's really unfortunate, but I would stay away from that name because of it. As for Harper, in all honesty, I don't

  • Forums: What do you think?

    What is your first daughter's name? I agree that Reece is better than Harper...unless popularity doesn't bother you. I don't love the sound of Reece Pond , but

  • Forums: Harper Lila

    What do you think of this name? Which flows/sounds better? Harper Lila Pond or Harper Grace Pond Thanks!! I personally like [name

  • Forums: New here, help with name for baby girl :)

    ] Tessa Rachel Best wishes! Garnet I like Reese but I think it's too masculine next to Ava, plus Reese Pond sounds

  • Forums: Nickname for Hermione?

    Hi Berries! DH loves Hermione...I do like the pronounciation in English but being a french national am not sure i will be able to sell it to family across the pond . Anyway

  • Forums: Please please help! Due in 2 weeks!

    I agree - Charlotte Pond would be very pretty with Ava! Or you could go with Caroline or Catherine. Do you have a middle name

  • Forums: Just got addicted to chance games:

    href="/babyname/MARILYN">MARILYN & EVAN POND If your favorite gum flavor is: Mint (any kind) you have b/g twins.

  • Forums: Quirky yet traditional - is it possible?

    your surname. You said it may be shortened to Pond . Emerald Pond is a bit too discriptive for me. From your list I like Pearl and Ottillie. I also love Morgana.

  • Forums: Can I get some opinions on these girl names?

    I think Charlotte would work splendidly with Ava Lee. Charlotte Pond is more of a name than Harper Pond or Sydney Pond

  • Forums: Names for Redheads

    ="/babyname/Jaimie">Jaimie , who was a girl I went to school with who had bright red hair. Also Pond , Amelia or Amy

  • Forums: 8 Kid Choice CAF

    ="/babyname/Alton">Alton Daniel Pond DW: Jessamyn Brooke Pond

  • Forums: Mercy?

    I love Mercy! It's been a favorite of mine ever since I read "The Witch of Blackbird Pond ", with its lovely, self-sacrificing character named Mercy. I don't

  • Forums: Is this name really dated?

    (The ever-popular series 'Doctor Who' has a main character at the moment named Amelia Pond , but she goes by Amy most of the time.). I think it's both a sweet

  • Forums: Harper Lila

    what you love! I am sure when you see her face you will know!! Good luck.:) I think Harper Lila Pond flows better but both are lovely!

  • Forums: Snowfall and Snowangels: Middles for Ceridwen

    Faustine is one of the most beautiful string of sounds I've heard in a while, and it both looks and sounds like skating on a frozen pond .

  • Forums: Starcatcher's Seasonal Name Quiz!

    class="boy" href="/babyname/Cato">Cato (Skittle and Amy Pond (2013))

  • Forums: Elven Daughters for Eleven Doctors Quiz

    Surname - Pond Margot Verity Astrid

  • Forums: Decided! WDYT?

    the name itself. I would love some honest opinions! Thank you! I like Reese but I still have the hang up about Reese Pond sounding like 'respond'. I can't remember

  • Forums: Lucian Pronunciation: Loo/shun or Loose/Ian

    would be more likely to say Loose-ian, and people on this side of the pond would more likely say Loo-shun? I'm sure there are exceptions to each, but that's my guess. I prn either spelling as Loo

  • Forums: Need creative non-surname surnames! (places, things, animals)

    found by water Sanders - they were found on the sand/on the beach Pond or Fisher - they were found by a pond (which has fish in

  • Forums: Happy Endings CAF

    ="/babyname/Amelia">Amelia Pond DD: Rose Harlow Williams DS:

  • Forums: New one?

    actor. :-) LOL @ Bromance! Ah, Brody Jenner. Haha, also, it does sound like the sound a frog makes! There's a frog in my pond and he never shuts up, but now I'm just

  • Forums: Thoughts on Amelia?

    nickname Millie, but I've heard that's rather popular too (at least across the pond ). I guess you just have to ask yourself whether the popularity aspect of it bothers that much to cross it off

  • Forums: Jessica

    long. I think it'll come back. It's popular in the UK at the moment (I guess names travel across the pond both ways) and I think it'll enjoy a resurgence in my great-grandkids' time. I actually

  • Forums: THE NAMEBERRY AWARDS VOTING: Best Girls' Name Outside the Top 1000

    href="/babyname/Rosalind">Rosalind , a very dignified and refined name, it strangely reminds me of pond lilies and pinkish roses. My vote is for Louisa !