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  • Name: Baby Name Concord

    With its ties to tranquil Walden Pond , and harmonious meaning, this could be a modern virtue name.

  • Name: Baby Name Thoreau

    This completely unique possibility evokes the calm and tranquility of Henry David Thoreau's Walden Pond .

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  • Name: Baby Name Walden

    Walden is a recent entrant to the en-ending boys' names trend, a name that summons up placid images of Thoreau's two-year stay contemplating nature near Walden Pond . A quite different

  • Name: Baby Name Dominic

    , venerable name deserving of respect on both sides of the pond , which it is finally getting. Dominic is now at Number 68, having been in the top 100 since 2002. In use in the English-speaking world

  • Forums: Fictional characters - THIS OR THAT - GIRLS

    ">Trixie Belden Marianne Dashwood or Amelia Pond

  • Forums: Liana?

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Liana">Liana . I don't correct people, I just view it as another nickname. My friends across the pond pronounce it Liana and I love

  • Forums: Middle name for Catherine, called Kit

    Catherine nn Kit. It reminds me of one of my favorite book characters from childhood (Witch of Blackbird Pond ). I'd go with Evelyn in the middle here, as I've personally never warmed

  • Forums: Nature, Ecclectic, Off the Beaten Path Family

    /Eleanor">Eleanor Winters & David Arthur Pond -

  • Forums: Miss Priebes' 4th Grade Class

    ">Alexander Robert Justin POND , David

  • Forums: Miss Priebes' 4th Grade Class

    " href="/babyname/Alexander">Alexander ( Billy ) POND , Caleb Jack

  • Forums: Miss Priebes' 4th Grade Class

    " href="/babyname/Jack">Jack Pond Rachel Alexis Rose

  • Forums: Miss Priebes' 4th Grade Class

    , Alexander William POND , Caleb

  • Forums: Miss Priebes' 4th Grade Class

    , William Alexander Pond , David

  • Forums: Omg chapter 8 of conqueror!!!!!

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Do">Do you think I can make it?" Ander yelled. "Make what?" I shouted back. "Into the pond .

  • Blog Post: Cool Names: Baby names more stylish across the ocean

    and surprising in the US than they must in the UK. Freya , for instance, the Norse goddess name that’s become a Top 20 staple on the other side of the pond , just cracked

  • Forums: Harvey?

    , but I would love to see it being used more across the pond x I adore

  • Forums: Walden...:)

    love the connection to Walden Pond as well Personally, I

  • Forums: due any day and between 2 names-please help!

    and will become top 50 in the US like it is across the pond . Are they popping up everywhere around you? Is it unique but somewhat familiar? - Concern with Adele

  • Forums: Reveiw 2nd chapter! (Yaya it's the second one!)

    might know more than Amari being the same age as me -fourteen. Plus I am on a roof, and I'm going to jump into a pond , and that can be sorta misleading. "

  • Forums: Amy

    ; Amy " Pond from Doctor Who, and Amy from The Big Bang

  • Forums: Drop your least fav name GIRLS

    ="#FFFF00">S EA The colours are off but that's the idea. Pheobe is like a pond . A bit of stormy day sky blue

  • Forums: First impression on Eve Serenity Belle?

    sitting on a flat rock with her knees up, humming to herself as she sketches the forest and pond around her. It's a sweet combination but I wouldn't use three word names together. What about

  • Forums: Feedback on potentially problematic names. Need input (the good, the bad, the ugly!)

    least favorite of the 4 names. Walden - Pond . Very positive thoughts here. My second favorite Rafferty

  • Blog Post: Surprising Homespun Nicknames: Elsie, Sadie & Effie

    counterparts to use nicknames as given names, the style is gaining acceptance on that side of the pond . These names are a great way to individually express this style.  

  • Forums: Would You Ever...

    (it's not even big enough for a pond , lol). Learn embroidery Probably not. 1). Would you ever forgive your best friend if they read your diary? 2). What's

  • Forums: Would You Ever...

    (it's not even big enough for a pond , lol). Learn embroidery Probably not. 1). Would you ever forgive your best friend if they read your diary? 2). What's

  • Forums: Honest Opinions of Polly?

    live). It possibly change when in came across the pond as most Australians would recognise it as Miss

  • Forums: Eleanor, Anais, Amelia, Iona and Baby Number 5!

    " href="/babyname/Avila">Avila ) Adeline ( Adeline Pond Adams )

  • Forums: What are you reading?

    /> The witch of blackbird pond , is also a good on I have also read "the boy sherlock Holmes " and "fly my dawn" I'm in the middle