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  • Name: Baby Name Sherlock

    If ever there was a one- person name...

  • Name: Baby Name BjÖrk

    Destined to remain a one- person name -- in this country anyway.

  • Name: Baby Name Oprah

    The misspelling that created an indelibly one- person name.

  • Name: Baby Name Cleavon

    Almost a single- person name: actor-comedian Cleavon Little.

  • Name: Baby Name Delgado

    This originated as a nickname for a skinny person ; could make a rhythmic first name as well.

  • Forums: When I say...

    This game is pretty simple. You start with person one sharing a name. Then person two says what kind of person they think of when they hear it and a new name. For example: Person 1

  • Name: Baby Name Medrie

    We've only ever heard of one person with this name -- painter Medrie McPhee -- but it's a charming option.

  • Name: Baby Name Keir

    Keir is a single-syllable name that packs a lot of punch, might suggest a caring person .

  • Name: Baby Name Sheffield

    One place-name that doesn't make the cut as a person name, associated with several commercial enterprises.

  • Name: Baby Name Tyrone

    Emigrated into American pop culture in the person of 1940s superstar Tyrone Power, who was Tyrone Power, Jr.

  • Name: Baby Name Eyad

    In the Qu'ran, Eyad (and names with similar roots like Iyad and Ayad) refer to a person /entity that strengthens another.

  • Blog Post: Unique Names: I've met only one person named....

    The inspiration for today's question comes from a

  • Name: Baby Name Friso

    Friso is a name that refers to Frisian person living in the Dutch province of Friesland. The name has become more popular in recent years as it was used for a member of the Dutch royal family.

  • Name: Baby Name Grant

    One-time beach-boy compadre of Glenn, Greg, and Gary that originated as a nickname for a tall person , Grant has become a no-nonsense, career-oriented grown-up.

  • Name: Baby Name Shaquille

    No longer a one- person name, as a number of parents have been inspired by basketball great Shaquille O'Neal to adopt it for their own future athletes.

  • User List: My Guilty Pleasure Names

    A list of names that I like, but I would never name a person . LAURI, BRAELYN, NEVAEH, GRACIELA, ASHER, PETER, Tuomas, Brandi

  • Forums: Unusual Girl Name Game!

    ="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> Example: Person 1- Serena Person 2- Arez

  • Forums: First opinions on this name?

    Beautiful name and beautiful meaning. I envision a peaceful and compassionate person . I would pronounce is ah-shah.

  • Forums: Name That Person!

    ://" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Which name do you think best suit that person ? Reply to this forum and tell me.

  • Forums: If You Like... Game

    This game is based on the 'If you like x, you'll love' lists. Here's how you play. Person one will give a name and person two will say a name

  • Name: Baby Name Pom

    by Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans to denote a person of English heritage. �

  • Name: Baby Name Roone

    Roone is a lively, attractive and unusual redhead entry brought into the mix by the late TV sports and news executive Roone Arledge, who seemed to own it as a one- person name when he was alive.

  • Name: Baby Name Tennessee

    Young rocker Tennessee Thomas has brought this former one- person name over to the girls' side -- though the census roles of North Carolina in 1850 included a female named Tennessee and called Tincy

  • Name: Baby Name Drexel

    Drexel is an occupational surname but the original meaning of what a person who "turned" for a living actually did is unclear: It may mean turning the soil or making hay or spinning cloth or creating

  • User List: Baby Girl

    I like names that are unique but nothing that leaves a person shaking their head. I don't care for classics. No Kathryn, or Sara, Mary or Emma for my daughter. Im trying to find a feminine unique

  • User List: Names that evoke "Goodness"

    Some names just sound like a good person . Here are some that come to mind. BENNETT, DAVID, ANNA, CAROLINA, GRACE, JANE, QUINTON, ROSE, LUCY, EMERSON, ELLIOT, IMOGEN, HARPER, GEMMA

  • Forums: 6 weeks to go...

    Jace looks the most "correct" to me, and it's the only spelling I've encountered on an actual person so I vote for that one. BTW, love

  • Forums: Nameberry memes

    "Your opinion is radical and unexpected, therefore you must be a troll." And "The person I know spells this name differently, therefore this spelling is a typo

  • Forums: Trend-ify the Name!

    Simple game! First person gives a name, next person makes the name trendy, then gives their own name to trend-ify. Ie. First person - Sophia Next person

  • Forums: AB, BC, CD, DE, EF....BOYS

    , the next person must create a BC name, the next person will come up with a CD name, etc. We'll go through the alphabet, then start over! There's another thread for Boys' names. Please read the rules before