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  • Name: Baby Name Oprah

    The misspelling that created an indelibly one- person name.

  • Name: Baby Name Cleavon

    Almost a single- person name: actor-comedian Cleavon Little.

  • Name: Baby Name BjÖrk

    Destined to remain a one- person name -- in this country anyway.

  • Name: Baby Name Sherlock

    If ever there was a one- person name... Sherlocke, Shurlock, Shurlocke.

  • Name: Baby Name Tyrone

    Emigrated into American pop culture in the person of 1940s superstar Tyrone Power.

  • Forums: Top middles: Noelle vs. Reese

    thank you! Naming a person is hard!!!

  • Name: Baby Name Medrie

    We've only ever heard of one person with this name -- painter Medrie McPhee -- but it's a charming option.

  • Name: Baby Name Delgado

    This originated as a nickname for a skinny person ; could make a rhythmic first name as well.

  • Name: Baby Name Keir

    Keir is a single-syllable name that packs a lot of punch, might suggest a caring person .

  • Name: Baby Name Sheffield

    One place-name that doesn't make the cut as a person name, associated with several commercial enterprises.

  • Forums: What sort of person is Sasha?

    What sort of person do you think of when you hear the name Sasha (as a girls name)? I am particularly interested in Australian opinions. Thank you

  • Forums: A Different Kind of Name Chain

    SEleNA So. I pick a name and you use the last two letters in the next name, the last two letters of my name in the first two letters of yours. Then the person

  • Forums: Pet or Person?

    For these names, do you think they belong more on a pet or a person ? (Or neither?!) Some of these are pets I know, have heard of, Names from Pop Culture, or off the most Popular pet names list!

  • Forums: naming seven siblings

    Esme Esme Gideon first person starts with one name. second person goes to

  • Forums: The Nickname Name

    This a version of the many nickname games you see flying around. You have to p ut :three things on your reply: 1 your favorite nickname that the person before you posted 2 a list

  • Name: Baby Name Grant

    One-time beach-boy compadre of Glenn, Greg, and Gary that originated as a nickname for a tall person , Grant has become a no-nonsense, career-oriented grown-up.

  • Name: Baby Name Quirin

    A child might like to have a name connected to the legendary Quirin stone, which, when placed on a sleeping person's head, prompts him to expose his secret thoughts.

  • Name: Baby Name Shaquille

    No longer a one- person name, as a number of parents have been inspired by basketball great Shaquille O'Neal to adopt it for their own future athletes.

  • Name: Baby Name Tennessee

    Young rocker Tennessee Thomas has brought this former one- person name over to the girls' side -- though the census roles of North Carolina in 1850 included a female named Tennessee and called Tincy.

  • Forums: Unusual Girl Name Game!

    ="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> Example: Person 1- Serena Person 2- Arez

  • Forums: Name this family of 10 based on their bedrooms:

    ="/babyname/ Person "> Person in Room: Son , age 13: Archer Callahan His bedroom:

  • Forums: : Information about Gods and Goddess

    The following site offers information about God and direction in finding Him. There are over six billion people in this world and each person has his or her own thoughts about God. How[/name

  • Forums: Suggestion game!

    Hi , everyone! I thought of a fun game to play for those who would like suggestions of names to add to their current lists. The first person who posts on this I will give 10

  • Forums: naming seven siblings

    />first person starts with one name. second person goes to and puts in that name and chooses both boys and girls. pick a name from the list that comes up for the next sibling. the third person

  • Forums: Sibsets You Know

    first person names a sibset that they know, then the next person takes one name from that sibset and names a sibset that they know with that name in it. That's kind of confusing so I'll show you an

  • Forums: Hear/See

    ">Say game - Hear/See. It's pretty easy; Person 1 posts a name, then Person 2 replies with a short description of what kind of person that

  • Forums: AA, BB, CC, DD...BOYS!

    AA name, the next person will type a BB name, the person after that will come up with CC choice, etc. Augusten Andrew

  • Forums: The Name Rainbow :)!

    you put the color before the name. Example: Person #1:

  • Forums: Tell Me When... A Name Chain

    the better of me! The rules of this game are simple: 1st person states a name 2nd person states when they think the person with that name was born and then a name of their own

  • Forums: Rokeby?

    YEAH! Rokeby just sounds like a cool person to me. I like it but you have to be brave to use it. I think this would be an extremely cool middle name! I'm definitely not brave enough to use