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  • Name: Baby Name Myrna

    Myrna Loy, Mrs . Thin Man, was lovely -- but her name is not.

  • Name: Baby Name Claus

    And how is Mrs . Claes, Class, Klaas, Klasse, Klaus (Dutch), Clause, Klaus (German), Launo (Finnish).

  • Name: Baby Name Dayanara

    Former Miss Universe and former Mrs . Marc Anthony, Dayanara Torres has made a more lasting success of her name.

  • Name: Baby Name Elin

    The Elin variation makes an old favorite sleeker and more modern. Elin came to prominence via the ex- Mrs . Tiger Woods.

  • Name: Baby Name Ivana

    A rarely used Slavic name until the Czech-born ex- Mrs . Trump took it over the top. Daughter's name Ivanka adds a dollop of charm.

  • Name: Baby Name Melania

    The current Mrs . Donald Trump, Slovenian model Melania Knauss, brought this pretty version to the fore. Saint Melania was an heiress who freed thousands of slaves.

  • Name: Baby Name Tipper

    The nickname of Mrs . Al Gore (born Mary Elizabeth), bestowed because her favorite childhood lullaby was "Tippy Tippy Tin," should remain her exclusive property.

  • Name: Baby Name Trixie

    A sassy, spunky name for the bold parent who doesn't remember Mrs . Ed Norton on The Honeymooners . It was chosen by Damon Wayans for his daughter. Trixie Belden is the thirteen-year-old

  • Name: Baby Name Edith

    with a soft but strong image. The name of two American First Ladies, Mrs . Theodore Roosevelt and Mrs . Woodrow Wilson, as well as that of the wife of William the Conqueror, Edith is one of the oldest

  • Name: Baby Name Mara

    roles in Matilda and Mrs . Doubtfire . It is also spelled Marah.

  • Name: Baby Name Clarissa

    character of Mrs . Dalloway --not to mention the 1990's TV teen show, Clarissa Explains it All . Clarissa is a name definitely worth considering as an alternative to the overused

  • Name: Baby Name Bianca

    of the Shrew --and its musical offshoot, Kiss Me Kate . Bianca was brought to prominence here by the first Mrs . Mick Jagger. Her name entered the U.S. popularity ranks in 1973, reaching

  • Name: Baby Name Winifred

    --they used it in Jungle Book , Mary Poppins and Hocus Pocus . Actress Jacqueline Bisset was born a Winifred and notable Winnies include Mrs . Mandela and the young

  • Name: Baby Name Hillary

    This is the spelling of the name used by Mrs . Clinton, whose fame has temporarily taken this name off the table for babies. A pity, really, as it's got so much going for it: the popular, rhythmic

  • Name: Baby Name Tabitha

    Mrs . Stephen, and Tabitha Soren was an MTV news reporter. In The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants , one of the quartet of friends is Tabitha Rollins, whose nickname is Tibby.

  • Name: Baby Name Septimus

    Woolf's Mrs . Dalloway , and as Harry Potter wizard, Septimus Weasley. There is also Septimus Heap , a series of bestselling fantasy novels by Angie Sage.

  • Name: Baby Name Arthur

    Arthurs in children's literature, movies and TV--including The Fonz. Most recently, Arthur was the son of Mr. and Mrs . Santa in the eponymous movie Arthur Christmas . Arthur has many

  • Forums: Thoughts on Claudia?

    it is gentle and lovely for a little girl but strong and elegant for a grown woman. Always makes me think of one of my favourite childhood books, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs

  • Forums: Namebank CAF -- Harry Potter Edition (7 or more children.)

    , England . Mr and Mrs Fancourt are remedial Apparition instructors. DH (65): Michael

  • Forums: Craziest thing your child has said

    ="unisex" href="/babyname/Avery">Avery : Mommy, what are those things on your chest? Mrs . Allison : Those are my boobies

  • Forums: Namebank CAF -- Los Angeles Times Edition

    Colette Nola Price (nee Dwyre) previously Mrs . Maeder, Mrs

  • Forums: What are you reading?

    a lot about it yet. I am sadly bookless at the moment, but in July I've read: Mrs . Peregrine

  • Forums: Marriage

    of them with their original surnames. It is not something I would share with them, but even after several years as Mrs . W and Mrs . J, their new identities are bit strange. Our brothers share the same

  • Forums: Build a Sibset

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Adelaide">Adelaide DS: Leslie Alexander Mr. and Mrs

  • Forums: Marriage

    we call each Mr and Mrs Hilliams (mashup of both our surnames), but we never officially changed it. I'm not planning on getting married any time soon (I don't even have a boyfriend yet

  • Forums: Mrs Mainord and her 23 children...

  • Forums: Ballet name!

    ! You're so blessed having 5 daughters - like Jane Austen 's Mr & Mrs Bennet

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses