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  • Name: Baby Name Myrna

    Myrna Loy, Mrs . Thin Man, was lovely -- but her name is not.

  • Name: Baby Name Claus

    And how is Mrs . Claes, Class, Klaas, Klasse, Klaus (Dutch), Clause, Klaus (German), Launo (Finnish).

  • Name: Baby Name Dayanara

    Former Miss Universe and former Mrs . Marc Anthony, Dayanara Torres has made a more lasting success of her name.

  • Name: Baby Name Elin

    The Elin variation makes an old favorite sleeker and more modern. Elin came to prominence via the ex- Mrs . Tiger Woods.

  • Name: Baby Name Ivana

    A rarely used Slavic name until the Czech-born ex- Mrs . Trump took it over the top. Daughter's name Ivanka adds a dollop of charm.

  • Name: Baby Name Melania

    The current Mrs . Donald Trump, Slovenian model Melania Knauss, brought this pretty version to the fore. Saint Melania was an heiress who freed thousands of slaves.

  • Name: Baby Name Tipper

    The nickname of Mrs . Al Gore (born Mary Elizabeth), bestowed because her favorite childhood lullaby was "Tippy Tippy Tin," should remain her exclusive property.

  • Name: Baby Name Trixie

    A sassy, spunky name for the bold parent who doesn't remember Mrs . Ed Norton on The Honeymooners . It was chosen by Damon Wayans for his daughter. Trixie Belden is the thirteen-year-old

  • Name: Baby Name Edith

    with a soft but strong image. The name of two American First Ladies, Mrs . Theodore Roosevelt and Mrs . Woodrow Wilson, as well as that of the wife of William the Conqueror, Edith is one of the oldest

  • Name: Baby Name Mara

    roles in Matilda and Mrs . Doubtfire . It is also spelled Marah.

  • Name: Baby Name Clarissa

    character of Mrs . Dalloway --not to mention the 1990's TV teen show, Clarissa Explains it All . Clarissa is a name definitely worth considering as an alternative to the overused

  • Name: Baby Name Bianca

    of the Shrew --and its musical offshoot, Kiss Me Kate . Bianca was brought to prominence here by the first Mrs . Mick Jagger. Her name entered the U.S. popularity ranks in 1973, reaching

  • Name: Baby Name Winifred

    --they used it in Jungle Book , Mary Poppins and Hocus Pocus . Actress Jacqueline Bisset was born a Winifred and notable Winnies include Mrs . Mandela and the young

  • Name: Baby Name Hillary

    This is the spelling of the name used by Mrs . Clinton, whose fame has temporarily taken this name off the table for babies. A pity, really, as it's got so much going for it: the popular, rhythmic

  • Name: Baby Name Tabitha

    Mrs . Stephen, and Tabitha Soren was an MTV news reporter. In The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants , one of the quartet of friends is Tabitha Rollins, whose nickname is Tibby.

  • Name: Baby Name Septimus

    Woolf's Mrs . Dalloway , and as Harry Potter wizard, Septimus Weasley. There is also Septimus Heap , a series of bestselling fantasy novels by Angie Sage.

  • Name: Baby Name Arthur

    Arthurs in children's literature, movies and TV--including The Fonz. Most recently, Arthur was the son of Mr. and Mrs . Santa in the eponymous movie Arthur Christmas . Arthur has many

  • Forums: Thoughts on Claudia?

    it is gentle and lovely for a little girl but strong and elegant for a grown woman. Always makes me think of one of my favourite childhood books, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs

  • Blog Post: Beatrix Potter names beyond Peter Rabbit

    father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by  Mrs . 

  • Forums: Namebank CAF -- Harry Potter Edition (7 or more children.)

    , England . Mr and Mrs Fancourt are remedial Apparition instructors. DH (65): Michael

  • Forums: Craziest thing your child has said

    ="unisex" href="/babyname/Avery">Avery : Mommy, what are those things on your chest? Mrs . Allison : Those are my boobies

  • Forums: Marriage

    of them with their original surnames. It is not something I would share with them, but even after several years as Mrs . W and Mrs . J, their new identities are bit strange. Our brothers share the same

  • Forums: Build a Sibset

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Adelaide">Adelaide DS: Leslie Alexander Mr. and Mrs

  • Forums: Ballet name!

    ! You're so blessed having 5 daughters - like Jane Austen 's Mr & Mrs Bennet

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses

  • Forums: Initials.

    /> B: MRT G: MRS Nathan Yale Ulysses