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  • Forums: Middle names

    ="/babyname/Kate">Kate " need middle names. They are married and their surname is McAdams . Please suggest middle names for Alexander and

  • Forums: Delphine?

    Play last night (very good movie by the way) and Rachel McAdams plays a reported named Della, and I thought of this post. Fina is adorable is Delphie

  • Forums: A "Normal" Life.

    ">Edward McAdams You are now just out of high school and preparing for college. You are going to college to become? A midwife. He

  • Forums: Francine or Frances?

    independent and alluring character (and she's played by the beautiful Rachel McAdams in the film!). I like Frances ! I can see it coming

  • Forums: Regina

    ">Rachel McAdams . There are a lot of nicknames for a Regina too so she could always go by something else as a child, Ginnie ,

  • Forums: Do you think of a boy or girl when you hear this name?

    followed by an M then I think it's okay, so if is something like Memphis McAdams or Memphis McCoy, you're good. Hope that helps! Honestly, I think

  • Forums: Create a Family Quiz Game!!

    purple eyes. Very artistic and imaginative with a sweet demeanor H: Everett Arthur Jude McAdams - Dark hair

  • Forums: Do You Like this Name?

    ="/babyname/Lay">Lay ? Really? Like getting laid, you're a good lay? That's a REAL positive image to give your daughter. To misquote Rachel McAdams , "Stop

  • Forums: A "Normal" Life.

    /> What is your boyfriends name? Niall Edward McAdams You are now just out of high school and

  • Forums: Please take this new name quiz!

    (after Rachel McAdams ) 8. Whats your all time favourite name with a middle(has to be different than last time I posted this question)? Ruby Grace and

  • Forums: Another quiz name :) (Boys)

    ="/babyname/Reed">Reed Rachel McAdams = Parker Cameron Diaz =

  • Blog Post: Movie Character Baby Names: Woody Allen characters beyond Annie Hall

    ">Rachel McAdams ).   One of the rare instances where Mr. Allen uses a somewhat exotic name—perhaps ironic for this

  • Forums: The Jill Fan Club

    me I look like Rachel Leigh Cook and maybe a little like Rachel McAdams . I think he's just trying to flatter me :) I think my face is sorta shaped like [name

  • Forums: Do You Like this Name?

    > McAdams , "Stop trying to make Evol happen. It's never going to happen."

  • Forums: Your Beloved Stars of the Silver Screen

    " alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> I have many favourites! My all time favourite actress is Rachel McAdams . I think she's the

  • Forums: Name this class using initials

    ...rful-smile.php Lorelei Lucille McAdams " Lucy "

  • Forums: *New* Long CAF

    . LN: McAdams DH: Andrew Christian DW: Rachel

  • Forums: Name this class using initials

    ...rful-smile.php Lorelei Lucille McAdams " Lucy "

  • Forums: 8 children and lots of grandkids!

    ]Clem is married to Brian Patrick McAdams . Her child is Collin Patrick. Just is married to Oceane. His children are

  • Forums: Another (Long) Baby Name Game!

    best friend ( Fiona Violet McAdams ) drags you to a party at the fraternity complex. While you’re there you notice a (brown)-haired guy who

  • Forums: Huge family, heartwarming story.

    Danna Smith Maid: Lucila Carola McAdams