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  • Name: Baby Name Inez

    and Inez Hayes Irwin were both important figures in the American suffragist movement. And Inez was the name of the character played by Rachel McAdams in Midnight in Paris . Other spellings

  • User List: Characters

    This is a list of all of my characters so far in the novel I'm writing :) MAGGIE GEOFFREY, NORAH DAYTON, MOTHER RAMONA, MOTHER JANE, ASHLEY COLTER, SARAH McADAMS , ISABELLE HOFFMAN, NATHAN MILLER

  • Forums: Build a Sibset

    : Ash Perseus Vito McAdams family, they have 7 children (6 girls

  • Forums: Little Dancers Namebank CAF

    ) McAdams DW: Emmeline Georgia ( Emme ) McAdams DD

  • Forums: Build a Sibset

    Vito McAdams family, they have 7 children (6 girls and a boy). Their first names are reversed gender (meaning girls have "boy" names

  • Forums: CAF 7 Children, Different Endings

    Lucy DS3: Dominic Seth LN: McAdams DH:

  • Forums: Name the middle-schoolers!

    ">Storm 3.The girl who is into all the popular fandoms: Eliana Rose McAdams 4.The new boy who

  • Forums: Generation CAF using Ticker Names

  • Forums: Create a School (LOOONG GAME!)

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Isabelline">Isabelline . She has wavy brown hair. 6. Skyler Frederick McAdams

  • Forums: Another (Long) Baby Name Game!

    ), studying ( Art ). One night your best friend ( Fiona Violet McAdams ) drags you to a party

  • Forums: Independence High School Round 6 (other)

    McAdams (23) ---DS Johan Gavino McAdams (3) --DS2 Jonathon