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  • Forums: Nicknames for Lydia?

    >. Lyddie is cute, too! Lemon :-) Personally Lyddie is the one that comes most naturally to me, which then progresses to Lyddiebug The Lydias that

  • Forums: Cute nn's for Lydia?

    all so much fo your suggestions! I completely forgot about ' lyddie '- such an obvious nn! I also loved the suggestion of L/ Elle. Do you think Elly could work for a

  • Forums: Nickname spelling for Lydia?

    is lovely! I voted for Lydie but I like both options. Have you considered Lyddie ?I would pronounce lydie as LIE-dee, so I opted for

  • Forums: Help Please?!

    ]Lydia Lukas and Natalia [Luke and Tali. I know some ppl wont like the spelling of Lukas, but I really like it this way

  • Forums: My girls list

    don't particularly like Georgie or Georgia. Lydia nn Lyddie Jessamine nn Jess Cassandra nn Cassie - Sometimes

  • Forums: Lydia - can you make me LOVE it? please!

    of my LEAST favorite names ever. Then I saw a TV show in which a mother and father named their baby girl Lydia. All of a sudden, I could picture a baby Lyddie , Lydia in her

  • Forums: Name our little girl! Requirements: 3+ Syllables, Cute NN, & Classy Feel

    ">Emilia ( Millie ) Lydia ( Lyddie ) Lillian ( Lilli )

  • Forums: 17th century CAF

    ="boy" href="/babyname/Martin">Martin (5) DD8: Lydia Emeline “ Lyddie ” (4) DD2:

  • Forums: 17th century CAF

    ="boy" href="/babyname/Martin">Martin (5) DD8: Lydia Emeline “ Lyddie ” (4) DD2:

  • Forums: 17th century CAF

    (5) DD8: Lydia Emeline “ Lyddie ” (4) DD2: Hester

  • Forums: nn's that end in the 'ee' sound

    ]/Camille/Camilla/Millicent/Emiliana Tali: Thalia/Natalie/Natalia Lyddie : Lydia [name

  • Forums: If you were octomom...

    /> GIRLS Lydia Caroline " Lyddie " Charlotte Eliza Eleanor Madeline "Nell" Alice Genevieve

  • Forums: Sister to Audrey Wynne??

    Wynne! So classy and cute. What about: Freya Lydia ( Lyddie ) Genevieve (Gen/Genna/Eve/Evie[/name

  • Forums: We've Made a decision!!

    ]Lydia May " Lyddie " Cassandra Pearl "Cassie" Oliver James "Ollie" Good luck! For our first baby

  • Forums: What are your favorite "L" names?

    ... I love so many ''L'' names, and Lydia with the nn Lyddie is one of my faves and for a boy I love Leo/Leon. Leora/Liora [name

  • Forums: sister to Bea

    , Katie, Kitty, Kath, Kathy, Kate Lydia - Lyd, Lyddie Margaret - Meg, Maggie, Marge

  • Forums: Three names for twin girls! which one is out?

    think it might open itself up for teasing (which is what the only Lydia I know told me, she goes by Lyddie ). My friend's sisters name is Fiona and I think it is lovely and [name

  • Forums: sister for Finn

    ]Jane "Hattie" Katharine Jane "Kit" Lydia Jane " Lyddie " Matilda Jane "Mattie[/name

  • Forums: Stuck on three names

    />All three are great. Lydia--very vintage and feels a bit old to me, but not at all in a bad way. Lyddie is an adorable NN. Nora--not, actually, a nicknme but a name on its own

  • Forums: Biblical Boys

    with names. Our girl picks are pretty solid... Lydia Josephine (nn Lyddie or Jo) or Julia Beatrix (nn Jewels). Our boys list

  • Forums: Lydia

    little, we called her Lyddie -Bitty... It's cute and has energy. It's not a girl who sits on the sidelines... I like that about a name... I like Lydia , but I've never

  • Forums: Finally settled on names...opinions?

    , and I think Lyddie makes an adorable nn. I know someone called Lydia who goes by her nickname, Liddie

  • Forums: Help with names that suit myself and my husband?

    /> Lydia (I know you have that in the above post but I think it's great, especially with nickname Lyddie .)

  • Forums: Looking for classic & sweet-sounding girl's name

    it was adorable) Cecily nn Ceci Lydia nn Lyddie Julia nn Jules Lucy Emma Sarah nn Sari[/name

  • Forums: my baby name poll! please gimme your input!

    ] (Demi) Eulalie (Lala, Lalie) Helena (Ellie) Hermione Lydia ( Lyddie ) Megara (Meg) Ophelia[/name

  • Forums: What would you choose if you were having boy-girl twins?

    and Nathaniel James. Lydia is my absolute favorite girl name, and I really like Nathaniel. James is my dad's name. I think Lyddie

  • Forums: Shiloh or Saffron?

    nn Ellie/Lizzie/Liza Cordelia nn Delia/Cordie Lydia nn Dia/ Lyddie Jane [name

  • Forums: Starting over with our triplets:

    ] and Lyddie . I would definitely do Elias over Elijah, though. Elijah and Josiah are a bit too close for comfort. Glad you like [name

  • Forums: Stuck on three names

    , Socorra, Caroline, etc. Good luck! NameGoddess Lydia is my favorite of your three. I like that it feels complete ( Lyddie is cute but a nickname

  • Forums: Help Name #3 Please (first daughter!)

    nicknames 'Lyds', ' Lyddie ' etc. Easily spelt and pronounced and not too popular! I really like your taste! Here are some more "out there" alternatives for some of what you scrapped (some of these