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  • Forums: Images?

    Ren Applegate- No-nonsense. She is blunt and maybe comes across as rude at times. Marianne Lockhart - I see as very practical, an old

  • Forums: Fun Game!!

    ] Jacob Lockhart and his wife of 2 years , Erin Kimberly Lockhart , just learn that they are expecting their first child sometime in August. They don't

  • Forums: Mac, Nate, Lillie and...

    it goes extra well with Macaulay. However, with the surname of Lockhart that may nix it. Or Grant Niall I think this is a very suave combo. Grant

  • Forums: Namebank CAF -- The Scotsman Edition (7 or more children.)

    > Gillespie Spouse 2: James Nicholas Lockhart DD: Iris

  • Forums: Characters Names Needed.

    . Elowen .) #2) Surname: Lockhart . Age: 14-21. Twin sister: Iris Sophia

  • Forums: Rory as a nn

    ">Conroy Rourke Royston Gilderoy (as in Lockhart ) Riordan Rorimac

  • Forums: Help with some names

    . You may like similar sounding names Callahan, Locke, Lockhart , Lockwood, Cullen, Harlan, Lakelan, Stellan[/name

  • Forums: What are your favorite baby name books?

    ! by Jennifer Griffith The Melting Pot of Baby Names by Connie Lockhart Ellefson Classic Biblical Baby Names by Judith[/name

  • Forums: Help with list?

    about : Sherlock (kidding, slightly ), Lockhart ,

  • Forums: Create a First Grade

    ] Girl: Kilpatrick Boy: Needham Boy: Otto Boy: Richardson Girl: Queen Boy: Vasquez Ms. Lockhart Girl: Babcock Boy: Curtis Boy: [name

  • Forums: Fictonal people game

    and continues their conversation. 1. Bride: Elizabeth Rose Lockhart Groom: Emerson Clarence Lockhart 2. Joel[/name

  • Forums: Life By A Roll of the Dice

    >, and Livvy What's your name? - Lorelei June Lockhart Where do you live?

  • Forums: Life By A Roll of the Dice

    /> - Lorelei June Lockhart Where do you live? - Nashville, Tennessee Who raised

  • Forums: Rigby & Miller's siblings are nameless...

    Atlas Hart Some other ideas: Lockhart or Hartford could be a cool way to get to the nickname Hart, and I think either of those sound great with Rigby

  • Blog Post: June Has Arrived: Or has it?

    Lockhart , who played another quintessential midcentury parent as Timmy ’s mother on the long running Lassie TV series. 

  • Forums: Help with character surname?

    /> Lockhart Moyne Osler Pester Plum Sanger Sawyer Ward A good

  • Forums: Dash, Flynn and .....

    ="boy" href="/babyname/Hartman">Hartman Hartwin Lockhart Rinehart I think Bay /Bayes works well with your names as well.

  • Forums: 10 Favorite Boy's Names

    ]Dexter "Dex" 5.) Lockhart "Lock" 6.) Dashiell "Dash" 7.) Archer "Arch" 8.) Walter "Walt" 9

  • Forums: Two questions. Please help.

    Lockhart Steele . I thought that the name Steele may fit very well with your sibset, Pilot ,

  • Forums: Create a First Grade

    ="/babyname/Aiden">Aiden Vasquez Ms. Lockhart Girl: Emily June Babcock Boy: Samuel

  • Forums: Create a First Grade

    Boy: Jaden Cole Vasquez Ms. Linda Lockhart Girl:

  • Forums: Harry Potter Unique Name Quiz Game!

    ="/babyname/Maverick">Maverick Snape: Rouge Lupin: Racer Moody (Mad-Eye): Power Lockhart :

  • Forums: Family Name Game in Honor of Thanksgiving

    ]Smith. She married a bank manager, whose name is James Maxwell Lockhart . They have two children: an six-year old boy named Maximus William[/name

  • Forums: Willoughby...Alistair...Rafferty...Hawthorne

    ] Oscar Digby Darcy Rowley Hugh Willoughy Knox Lockhart (...feminine though in meaning) Hubert (love the nn [name

  • Forums: what do you think of these names

    think of a Gilderoy Lockhart (hp reference) character Percival " Percy " Hugo . - this one screams

  • Forums: Help name our twins, please!

    /> Lockhart (HP) I don't think Harry James is "too Harry Potter "

  • Forums: Your Grade 1 Class

    > Jacobsen ♂○ Kristian Whitley Lockhart ♂○ Lancer Abraham

  • Forums: Colonial Era Historical Fiction Help?!

    ="/babyname/Fiske">Fiske Fowler Flinter Kemp Lockhart Moyne Osler Pester Plum

  • Forums: Harry Potter CAF, Part 1

    Residence: Scotland DW: Cora Helena Lockhart -

  • Forums: Considering changing my own name...

    ]Cassidy and Lockhart so far (from what I've looked up anyway). And I quite like the idea of using Larkspur as a surname if people think it could work, its a name I've liked for some time...but only