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  • Forums: oh my! twins.

    Haruko & Romy Tulla Kamiko Or Boy girl combos: Felix Declan Kane & Sasha Mealla Kaida. I really love

  • Forums: Beautiful girl names ending in -O

    Kamiko Callisto Ceto Echo Jo

  • Forums: Animal names

    . Aponi, Eilir, Kallima, and Yara - are all feminine names that mean butterfly. Kamiko - Japanese girls name that means little turtle. Hastin - Elephant Hart and Herschel

  • Forums: Kids naming dolls

    ">Christine Kamiko Lin (was a Mulan figure- "adopted") Liliana Bethany

  • Forums: Feminine forms of Michael

    meaning 'God's child' for it. That would be Kamiko - and I don't know if that's an actually Japanese name). Mika sounds a lot like Michael , and

  • Forums: 15 years of babies, life and love

    ="/babyname/Mia">Mia Kamiko Year 15} Life Expierience! we adopt a 9 Year old boy from Africa called Gideon

  • Forums: Japanese names

    flower Hiro - generous Kamiko - superior child Katsumi - victorious beauty Kimiko - empress child

  • Forums: Cheaper By the Dozen

    ="/babyname/KIA">KIA MARJANI 2 from Asia : KAMIKO MIDORI RAIDEN