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  • Forums: What do you think of Amity?

    Horror reference, though it did make me think of Amity Island from Jaws . I just love the suggestion of Amity

  • Forums: have you ever

    /> Of course! I'm not a fan of it because of Jaws though.. Have you ever dated two people at once? Nope. I'm not that smooth. Have you ever called in sick to do something fun?

  • Forums: CAF with Pictures!

    /pic.mhtml?id=100479604 Goldfish: Jaws

  • Forums: 15 years of babies, life and love

    ">Skittles , Jaws , and Bubbles . Y10: Robbie 's niece, Whitney , falls

  • Forums: Adopting two kittens...

    /> Pudge Carmela Jaws Elby Fierra Cherub