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  • Name: Baby Name Chaim

    , Haim, Hayim, Hayvim Hayyim, Hy, Hyman, Hymen , Hymie, Khaim.

  • Name: Baby Name Hyman

    Hyman is still down at the schvitz with Morty and Myron. Hyman was commonly used by first-generation Jewish immigrants to Anglicize Chaim, but similarities to terms like heinie and hymen have taken

  • Forums: honest opinions on Hiram?

    like hymen for my liking... :/ Met a young Hiram yesterday, sweet boy, name suited him, soft quirky name. I like it. I actually love the name

  • Forums: honest opinions on Hiram?

    Not crazy about it, but it could grow on me... I could see it being used today as a hipster-ish name Hymen . Also I knew a boy with some severe behavioral issues named

  • Forums: Nameberry memes

    ="/babyname/Nicasia">Nicasia Ambrosia Vapor Cerulean Hymen Burberry