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  • Name: Baby Name Bray

    Can't help thinking of a donkey.

  • Name: Baby Name Rhonda

    " Help Me, Rhonda. sang the Beach Boys -- help me convince my parents not to give me this sixties name.

  • User List: list of favorite girls name, help me pick

    Need help picking CAMERON, RYANN, EVERLY, AVERY, EDEN, ARDEN, CAMDEN, Aydriann

  • Forums: Help- how to spell it

    DH loves the name Arli for a girl but we can't decide on the spelling. Please help ! Comments + votes would be appreciated!

  • Name: Baby Name Eldora

    There are much prettier names ending in dora, and the elderly first syllable doesn't help .

  • Name: Baby Name Yael

    This phonetic form will help clarify the name.

  • User List: help me choose

    I am writing a book and i need help choosing from names I found on this website. it is for a 14 year old girl. something like: Hadley grey Briar Rose/Briar or any other suggestions

  • Name: Baby Name Socorra

    Popular Spanish choice that refers to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help -- or Perpetuo Socorro.

  • Name: Baby Name Barber

    This name's all-male occupational roots help it break the Barbara bonds, but still not the most inspiring surname choice.

  • Name: Baby Name Sisyphus

    One of the most severely punished characters in Greek mythology, and the first two syllables don't help .

  • User List: Surname is Stagg. These are my girls names...Help!?

  • User List: Unique GIRL names

    Baby's sex unknown- but please help with possible girl names; Big brother is Xander ;-) CHEYENNE, FIONA, Raylen

  • Name: Baby Name Aryan

    Very popular Iranian name moving up on U. S. charts; Arian spelling might help avert hot potato racist connotations.

  • Name: Baby Name Daedalus

    Name of a tragic mythological hero, used as a surname in the works of James Joyce; heavy and ponderous for an American boy -- and the dead beginning doesn't help either.

  • Name: Baby Name Lydda

    Lydda is the name of a Biblical town whose similarity to Lydia makes it plausible as a first name. But if you're considering Lydda, we can't help but wonder: Why not just stick with Lydia?

  • User List: Help with baby girl names

  • User List: Surname is Stagg...These are my boy names..Help!

  • User List: Boy's names

    Help me choose a boys name...also would like feedback & suggestions!! JUDE, LEO, TATE, BRADY, KELLAN, SAWYER, DEACON, DAMON, RYLAN, CAMDEN

  • User List: Sibling names for Aurelia Grace

    I like unique/ uncommon names .... Need help ! CONRAD, SEBASTIAN, ZANE, MAVERICK, BYRON, Caius, Verity

  • User List: Feminine, classy girls names

    I'm looking for a beautful, yet not too popular name to go with my son's name Abe. Please help with suggestions! NAOMI, PHOEBE, CLARA, JOSEPHINE, EVANGELINE, LORELEI

  • User List: Names That Are A Mouthful

    Names that require a bit of help with pronunciation -- they can also be pronounced in different ways BRYN, CIRCE, DEMETER, EMBRY, LIESL, NEVAEH, PERSEPHONE, ROUX, SERAPHINA, SOJOURNER, VAUGHN

  • User List: baby girl :)

    i just need help finding names! we cant decide on anything except Alexandria ALEXANDRIA, rosalie dawn, brooklyn marie, amaya ?

  • User List: Help! Need a name for our first daughter

    We are expecting our third child.....a GIRL! Help us settle on a name as we are torn between four possibilities. Middle name options would be helpful too. Big brothers are Braden and Carter. We'd

  • Forums: Need help with a middle name for Taylor (girl)

    /Victoria">Victoria might be better though - four syllables breaking up the two three syllable first and surnames. I need help choosing a middle name for our baby girl. We've landed on

  • Name: Baby Name Glenn

    While actress Glenn Close didn't inspire many parents to give their daughters her name in particular, she did help launch a general trend toward boys' names for girls.

  • Name: Baby Name Gwyn

    Although commonly used for boys in Wales, we fear that Gwyn, because of its similarity to Gwen and Lynn, is far too feminine to use for an American boy. Spelling Guinn may help distance

  • Name: Baby Name Meredith

    Meredith has been considered primarily a girl's name since the fifties, before which it was more commonly used for boys. Comic actor Jay Mohr recently named his son Meredith, which might help

  • List: Baby Names That Mean Handsome

    Baby names that mean handsome can help your little boy's self-image. Good-looking baby names for boys include:JAMAL, BELLO, ALAN, ADONIS, KEVIN, KEEFE, BELLAMY, ARA, HASSAN, JAMIL, KEELEY, KENNETH

  • User List: If you like Sarah then you may love...

    You might not actually love or like these names. There just a suggestion, and they may help you create your own name. SARA, SARIKA, SARI, SARITA, SARINA, SARIAH, SARRA, SAARA, SARRAH, SHARIE, SHARITA

  • User List: Baby Girl Names

    Need help finding a cute baby girl name that is not common. Any suggestions?? What about these few I found? Audrey has to be a middle name. Noa Grace Audrey H, Emerson Audrey, Hudson Audrey