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  • User List: My Witchy Names

    , Wassail, Hallow, Oakheart, Silverarm, Moondance, Eerie, Euphoria , Ardent, Nightfall, Twilight, Mistletoe

  • User List: Virtue & Concept Names

    , TEMPERANCE, HARMONY, SILENCE, TRULY, LORE, GENEROSITY, ANTIQUITY, PROSPERITY, DIVINITY, DISCOVERY, CHEERFUL, INSPIRATION, Lucidity, Audacity, Curiosity, Euphoria , Ferocity, Synergy, Tranquility, Transcendence

  • Forums: Vintage Names

    a lovely ring to it, short for Elizabeth , Euphoria or even the more common and modern Stephanie .

  • User List: Wild Word Names

    , Reliance, Empathy, Solidarity, Swift, Providence, Comraderie, Radiance, Compassion, Memory, Patriot, Sanctity, Lucidity, Persevere, Tenacious, Credence, Sunset, Sunrise, Starshine, Euphoria , East, South