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  • User List: Current Favorites

    These are the names that I love the most right now. New additions will make their way onto the list, and some names will be deleted over time. AUGUST, CALLEN, ELLIOT, FELIX, FLORIAN, HARRY, JUDE

  • User List: Male Names I like

    Some names I might use in books. Each will be deleted after I use them. STIG, ZAKI, KEYAN, SHANE, RHODRI, DESMOND, XAVIER, ATLAS, CIAN, CONOR, CONALL, DAMON, DIARMAID, EROS, DYLAN, EVANDER, ZANDER

  • Forums: Drop Two Add One girls names

    /> Phoebe Casey Viviana deleted Cambelle and Claudia

  • Forums: Waiting Moderator Review?

    ="/babyname/Do">Do I have some sort of black mark against my account? I've never had any warnings or any posts/threads deleted , so I wouldn't think that I do. Is anyone else having this issue? I

  • Forums: About the Comment Section...

    is the point of the down arrow? The downvotes don't show up. Do comments get deleted if they have enough downvotes (like they do on Yahoo comments)? It doesn't seem so

  • Forums: I asked about the middle, what about the first

    ="/babyname/HAL">HAL -ee. Continuing a trend of mispronunciation is something I would avoid, personally. Is there a reason you bumped your thread twice but then deleted or OP? I was going

  • Forums: About the Comment Section...

    on this topic, does anyone know why when I try to deleted my comments, they stay but say "guest"?

  • Forums: The Renesmee Name Game

    ="/babyname/Benjamin">Benjamin + Nicholas , but it looks like that one was deleted ... So I guess you could consider this post as Benjamin

  • Forums: Major Spamming

    ="/babyname/Linda">Linda ?Thanks. I've deleted those threads. Yeah, I would like to see measures introduced to make it more difficult for spambots to register.

  • Forums: Drop Two Add One girls names

    /Xandra">Xandra Yvette Deleted Holland and Xandra . Added

  • Forums: Our Shortlist, your thoughts please!

    /> Hettie and Celia are my overall favourites. Good luck!! DELETED accidental double post

  • Forums: Troll in the Comments.

    "> There's been a small victory! Some of the comments have been deleted .

  • Forums: Troll in the Comments.

    /smilies/smile.png" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> There's been a small victory! Some of the comments have been deleted .

  • Forums: Think/Say

    , this is my little girl Delphine !wow! well and eloquently said. since i assume her/his post has been deleted shall i reply to Athalia

  • Forums: Berry Combo Statistics

    " href="/babyname/Ezra">Ezra Theo Daniel I deleted my post from

  • Forums: Are you afraid of weird names?

    /smilies/frown.png" border="0" alt="" title="Frown" class="inlineimg" /> What happened to this thread!?!? There's obviously deleted comments but gawd damn! I got

  • Forums: Sextuplets game - girls

    ="/babyname/Hartley">Hartley Vivienne (changed mn) Deleted as duplicate! Sorry! Anastasia

  • Forums: DROP 2, ADD 1 (Girls!!!)

    /Samara">Samara Willow Deleted : Arwen and Ainsley Added:

  • Forums: I don't like correct pronunciation of my fave name

    /> My first impulse was to pronounce it Bree -oh-knee. If it helps, the website

  • Forums: Ok---- really need help with a girls name :(

    West ?oooooops, neighbor left herself logged in that was me! ^ oh she deleted it! here's what i said:

  • Forums: Drop 2 add 1 (girls)

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Brianna">Brianna (and deleted one Rose because it was a double) added: Abigail

  • Forums: 9. Name for Clover's Sister

    inside Earth and all the countries broke out into wars fighting over it. When it was destroyed the nations agreed to isolate and rebuild themselves and deleted

  • Forums: Berry Combo Statistics

    I deleted my post from yesterday, not sure if you had a chance to collect mine... Willa

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Announcements Worth the Wait: Violet, Luna, and Angelo

    Violet .  The Tweet was swiftly deleted , along with the entire account - which tends to support the idea that a loose-lipped employee let the name slip.  

  • Forums: Nameberry memes

    being attacked * *your comment gets deleted * *you wonder if you count as a troll* This is a very exaggerated version of something that happened a while ago to me.

  • Forums: Middle name for Maryelle?

    /Promise">Promise - I really loved this for a while but the lately I'm not liking Promise that much. I deleted it off all my other combos but I'm holding onto

  • Forums: Name change for adolescent

    /Spencer">Spencer ? Ainsley , that was one I accidently deleted , thank you!

  • Forums: A Brother for Magnolia (NN Nola)

    We have over thought, over deleted and over analyzed. We just don't love boys' names like we love girls' names. Now, we are not even sure we like our top five names for a boy anymore. I need FRESH

  • Forums: Babies Due April-June 2015

    in general, he deleted his account after three days =O He doesn't want me posting anything on FB about the pregnancy, but I think I'd like to around Christmas

  • Forums: Thoughts on Otto...

    for a sibling for Konrad ! Somehow it got deleted (maybe among all of the spam the Baby Names Forum has had recently.) I