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  • Forums: deleted


  • Forums: what do you think of these?

    deleted old post

  • Forums: deleted

  • Forums: Is it a hassle going by middle name? Anyone with experience or know someone?

    Post deleted .

  • Forums: Delete

    How is a thread deleted ? I wanted to do so and it would only allow me to edit.

  • Forums: what happened to the t.v. game?

    I was ready to post on it, but it disappeared. AHHH!! I accidentally deleted it! (I meant to edit it, but during a hopefully brief case of the stupids, deleted it. I'll write it again...)

  • Forums: Which name as a brother to Annabel Violet?

    This post has been deleted .Leo ! We seem to have similar tastes in styles :-)

  • Forums: Decided (4 days before due)

    (content deleted for privacy) Miles Julian is such a handsome name! :D Great choice! Miles is such a distinguished name I think, and it pairs

  • User List: Current Favorites

    These are the names that I love the most right now. New additions will make their way onto the list, and some names will be deleted over time. AUGUST, CALLEN, ELLIOT, FELIX, FLORIAN, HARRY, JUDE

  • Forums: Mother's maiden as middle name.

    Deleted body of post as I posted in wrong forum by mistake. Sorry Sorry - posted in wrong forum.

  • Forums: Deleted Posts

    I didn't want to hijack the birth announcement thread to talk further about trolling, as that was why I deleted the posts in the first place But since that seems to be what's happened anyway, I

  • Forums: Glitch in the search feature

    remember leading to some duplicate tallies of names.) Also, if you're a moderator reading this, in the games forum I mistakenly posted three threads today (as of this post) that can be deleted

  • Forums: Deletion warning

    I think there should be a warning that pops up asking you if you are sure you want to delete your list of names. I bumped the delete button on my iPad and accidentally deleted my list of 85 girl's

  • Forums: How to delete Visitor Messages?

    I have several visitor messages that I want to delete but I can't find a way to do so. Please tell me how to do this. Hi Rollo, check off the messages you want deleted . There is an drop down

  • Forums: Wise and motherly maidservant

    deleted double post Tsura Eki Onna Kam Qava Rya Arqa Emba Qaali

  • Forums: What do you think of the name Ptolemy???

    How many times are you going to ask this question?? I answered you earlier and you deleted it, then immediately asked twice more. This is the 4th posting I've seen of

  • Forums: Announcement

    has been deleted ? This isn't the first of its kind. The others have been deleted , but they keep posting them. Can anyone

  • Forums: Winter's 13 month old daughter?

    the thread has been deleted , was just wondering if anyone knows if she decided on a name? I was really interested in the thread. I, too, have been wondering if Winter Noel

  • Forums: Reply with quote?

    people have with their selected quote inside. I think I must be missing something obvious, or there is some setting I need to change? You probably accidentally deleted one of the

  • Forums: Your Vampire Name (Nephele's Anagrams)

    ! = ) mdalimnuealoese deleted spam. ntio nznsuane avzinta Thanks in advance for my vampire anagram!

  • Forums: Last minute help please!

    Deleted I like Juliette Grace and Emmeline Grace. Good luck and Congrats! I too like Juliette Grace[/name

  • Forums: Why can't I see the names on my lists?

    /> Yes, the list-making functionality is seriously broken. I've also noticed that if I delete a list, I get a "Wah! I can't find your page!" message. The list still gets deleted , though.

  • Forums: deleted

    Our last name is very Italian, four syllables..... (Edit: post body deleted for privacy. Thank you so much for all your feedback). I think it's absolutely fine- Leo

  • Forums: Little Twin Greek Girls

    I was just going to say why not name one of them Xanthe my baby granddaughter. It is a true Greek classic. All the best! sorry for repeat now deleted I really like

  • Forums: Name Options Poll--Old Thread Deleted...

  • Forums: Feeling a little discouraged

    was just advised of that by one of the other berries but I have now deleted files so you will be able to reach me now. And thanks for letting me know. rollo

  • Forums: Same sex parents

    years ahead of current trends. Go figure. Okay, I'll bite. I missed the love story. What did it say before it was deleted ?To be honest, I've thought this poster was a troll for a while

  • Forums: Same sex parents

    Okay, I'll bite. I missed the love story. What did it say before it was deleted ?To be honest, I've thought this poster was a troll for a while, but haven't wanted to say anything without

  • Forums: Starting Over: Enchanting and Swoon Worthy Names

    Hello Berries! I could use your help. I accidently deleted my entire girls list so I'm now in search of beautiful names that aren't commonly used. Names that fit

  • Forums: What Would You Rename Me?

    months ago but it was deleted . Now we have the Everything But Names forum, we should do it again!