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  • User List: Current Favorites

    These are the names that I love the most right now. New additions will make their way onto the list, and some names will be deleted over time. AUGUST, CALLEN, ELLIOT, FELIX, FLORIAN, HARRY, JUDE

  • User List: Male Names I like

    Some names I might use in books. Each will be deleted after I use them. STIG, ZAKI, KEYAN, SHANE, RHODRI, DESMOND, XAVIER, ATLAS, CIAN, CONOR, CONALL, DAMON, DIARMAID, EROS, DYLAN, EVANDER, ZANDER

  • Forums: About the Comment Section...

    is the point of the down arrow? The downvotes don't show up. Do comments get deleted if they have enough downvotes (like they do on Yahoo comments)? It doesn't seem so

  • Forums: I asked about the middle, what about the first

    ="/babyname/HAL">HAL -ee. Continuing a trend of mispronunciation is something I would avoid, personally. Is there a reason you bumped your thread twice but then deleted or OP? I was going

  • Forums: About the Comment Section...

    on this topic, does anyone know why when I try to deleted my comments, they stay but say "guest"?

  • Forums: What are you reading?

    but now I think it's quite interesting and clever. Also, there's a film?! :O I can't believe I've not noticed this!

  • Forums: Our Shortlist, your thoughts please!

    /> Hettie and Celia are my overall favourites. Good luck!! DELETED accidental double post

  • Forums: Troll in the Comments.

    "> There's been a small victory! Some of the comments have been deleted .

  • Forums: Troll in the Comments.

    /smilies/smile.png" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> There's been a small victory! Some of the comments have been deleted .

  • Forums: What are you reading?

    Coriolanus unfortunately, but there were plenty of shirtless gif's of him showering among other things to keep my Tom love alive and kicking.

  • Forums: Berry Combo Statistics

    " href="/babyname/Ezra">Ezra Theo Daniel I deleted my post from

  • Forums: I don't like correct pronunciation of my fave name

    /> My first impulse was to pronounce it Bree -oh-knee. If it helps, the website

  • Forums: Ok---- really need help with a girls name :(

    West ?oooooops, neighbor left herself logged in that was me! ^ oh she deleted it! here's what i said:

  • Forums: Drop 2 add 1 (girls)

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Brianna">Brianna (and deleted one Rose because it was a double) added: Abigail

  • Forums: Love, Like, Lose... Name Game- GIRLS

    ; deleted " names are replaced with three new ones of your own choosing.) Love - Elizabeth ,

  • Forums: A Brother for Magnolia (NN Nola)

    We have over thought, over deleted and over analyzed. We just don't love boys' names like we love girls' names. Now, we are not even sure we like our top five names for a boy anymore. I need FRESH

  • Forums: *GH* Name the Baby (round 1)

    /> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *post deleted *Parents: Dante Falconeri & Lulu