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  • Forums: Still No Name...Henry (nn Dec)

    and for some reason, we started to call him Dec . Now everyone in the fam has been calling him Dec (which we like). But, I really want to name him Henry b/c I think it fits him better

  • Forums: Still No Name...Henry (nn Dec)?

    I think if you're already calling him Dec , then his name is Dec , which is short for Declan, not Henry. Hm... I was going to suggest using Declan as a

  • Forums: Expecting first child (a girl) in Dec.....please help with possibly bad initials!

  • Forums: Does our last name make Declan off limits?

    I wouldn't necessarily PLAN on calling him Dec but I imagine that it will happen by someone, somewhere at some point. I'm relieved to hear that it's not TOTALLY obvious/stupid. Thanks! Tara

  • Forums: Still No Name...Henry (nn Dec)?

    ]Declan actually fits better seeing as though you all have started to call him Dec ... Plus there is absolutely nothing embarrassing about taking your time with names. I plan on not naming my

  • Forums: Our little man and his cousin

    welcomed our son, Torren William Cornelius on Friday, Dec 7. Older brothers are Payton and

  • Forums: Fiona Lilidh has arrived!

    been). Hi all, just wanted to post here as this is where I spent the majority of my time! We had our baby girl on Dec 21st at 1:38am weighing in at 8lbs2oz. She was

  • Forums: Dec.2013

    Dec . 6th Kaylie Paige brother Owen Dec.24th

  • Forums: WDYT of.....

    up this combo. (nn Dec and Mira) WDYT? I love the whole names, but I don't think they really lend themselves to nicknames. Declan I love but Miranda

  • Forums: Declan John

    I'm so in love! What do you think? Any nn suggestions? I was thinking ducky would be kind of cute, as I don't like dec or DJ. I'm in love! it's so handsome! Nickname

  • Forums: Expecting soon!

    ? Good Luck! -Charlie "Hyphenated Names by cew1114 on Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:28 am (Unread) Hello. I'm 31 and I'm pregnant with my second baby. It's a girl! My first

  • Forums: Just Born!

    To all of you who helped me find the perfect name, thanks so much! Iris Amelia Marinaccio was just born on Dec . 21st. She weighs 8 pounds 10 ounces! Thank you!!

  • Forums: Kate Hudson

    Kate Hudson's ex-husband Chris Robbinson and his new wife just had a baby girl on dec 26! Cheyennne Genevieve Although very long i

  • Forums: What do you think of..

    my little one (due Dec ) but have since found out we're having a boy, so...I do think it is the same as Greyson in terms of pronounciation, but still very nice.

  • Forums: Ingrid Amelia or Ingrid Catherine?

    had to pause before Catherine whereas i flowed right into Amelia. We have decided on Ingrid for our baby girl due in Dec . What mn do you like best?

  • Forums: In Love With...

    besides Dec or DJ?

  • Forums: A girl!

    , especially to her siblings! Ceridwen Louise was born on Dec . 15 (siblings

  • Forums: Moms due December 2010

    ]April is not too far away right? :) I'm pregnant w/ twin girls due in December. The official due date is Dec 26th, but I guess twins are considered full term at 37 weeks so that

  • Forums: Our 3rd Baby girl is here :)

    ="/babyname/Tyler">Tyler , she is a sweetie! Such an interesting choice for your little girl! Congratulations! Dec 20th is my birthday too and my brothers name is

  • Forums: Noah or Noel?

    ]! Wanted to use it if my DD (with a Dec bday) were a boy. I did know a girl named Noel (pronounced Nole). I think it's a bit more unique than Noah, so may pair

  • Forums: Down to two - help us pick twin boy's name

    I'm due in Dec and plan on naming my son Silas :) you guys are so awesome - thank you!!! So Landon is out! But of course I'm still guessing and second guessting

  • Forums: Sasha Alexander welcomes a son!

    ]Fortunato Ponti, on Monday, Dec . 20 in Geneva, Switzerland. Leonardo joins big sister Lucia Sofia, 4½. I think [name

  • Forums: YIKES! Being induced Dec. 1 - still no name for this little man!

  • Forums: Our new babe is here!

    ]-Lorelei. She was born Dec . 4th, one day before her scheduled induction. She joins her older siblings Rosalyn Anastasia-Josephine and Arlo[/name

  • Forums: Clara Josephine?

    . We're highly considering this name for one of our twin girls due in Dec , and having that namesake makes it even better! Clara

  • Forums: Tmeflg71

    step closer to our goal of 50 sleeping bags by Dec . Trim visible fat and skin. louis vuitton handbags replica uk view here

  • Forums: Baby girl due in December!

    ;, feast day is Dec 24) Anysia (feast day is Dec 30) Aldora ("winged gift") Callidora (" beautiful gift; gift of beauty") A sister for

  • Forums: Nell ____ : Name Poll

    As I have posted numerous times, my husband and I are having an incredibly difficult time agreeing on our second baby girl's name (Due Dec 23rd). Out of the zillions of names I've suggested, there

  • Forums: Announcing baby girl...

    ="/babyname/Alexander">Alexander and Max Henry on Dec . 18, 2012. Thanks nameberries for your input in naming her! I love

  • Forums: Emery or Emory Sloane?

    >... I'm back! Having a crazy time deciding on names for our little girl due in Dec . Brother is Thomas Ryder , goes by