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  • Name: Baby Name Bleddyn

    Unusual two-syllable choice with a real pronunciation challenge .

  • Name: Baby Name Crichton

    Nineteenth-century butler name with pronunciation challenge .

  • Name: Baby Name Rhythm

    A musical name that is undeniably cool and, well, rhythmic. Its biggest challenge may be the spelling. Well, maybe not the biggest challenge . Save this one for a middle name.

  • Name: Baby Name Beulah

    Fatally stereotyped as a black maid's name in movies and TV, the biblical Beulah would challenge the most audacious baby namer.

  • Name: Baby Name MairÉad

    Common in its native habitat, and worth consideration by parents in search of an authentic Irish name, though a pronunciation challenge .

  • Name: Baby Name Lochlainn

    Conjures up pleasant images of lakes, but the pronunciation challenge makes the Anglicized Loughlin preferable.

  • Forums: Anyone up for a CHALLENGE? :)

  • Forums: Guide Dog for the Blind Foundation: Name a Pup Challenge

    Come all berryites! This should be right up your alley! challenge /

  • Forums: Challenge: How to combine Ruby + Hadley?

  • Name: Baby Name Aoibh

    One of many Irish names that, despite pronunciation challenge , are beginning to be taken into consideration here as authentic Celtic versions of familiar English names.

  • Name: Baby Name Lalage

    An interesting name despite the pronunciation challenge . It has literary roots, both in the classical poetry of Horace, and as a character in John Fowles' The French Lieutenant's Woman.

  • Name: Baby Name Hezekiah

    This name of an influential Old Testament king of Judah is one that would challenge even the most adventurous biblical name-seeker, but it does have the modernizing short forms Zeke or Kiah.

  • User List: Fantasy Family Blog Challenge

  • Forums: 52 books in 52 weeks

    I'm at 24 now, think I'll bump my challenge up to 100. I get so much reading done when fiance's snoring is keeping me up ;p.

  • Blog Post: Challenge of the Week: Name your perfect family

    Calling all name nerds!  This question/ challenge of the week is aimed at you: If there weren’t any restrictions—no real life spouse to compromise with, no in-laws to

  • Name: Baby Name Hermes

    These days, more people will relate to Hermes -- pronounced ayr-MEZ -- as an upscale brand name like Chanel and Porsche than as a Greek god. Actress Kelly Rutherford took on the challenge when she

  • Name: Baby Name Marmaduke

    One of the ultimate teasable names,an Irish saint's name now associated with the oversized comic-strip dog. Scottish adventurer Bear (born Edward) Grylls took up the challenge when he used it for

  • Name: Baby Name Danae

    An intriguing mythological name whose one challenge might be pronunciation questions. In Greek myth, Danae, a goddess of music and poetry, was the mother of Perseus by Zeus, who appeared to her in

  • Forums: A challenge for you berries!

  • Forums: Husband poop-pooped every name. Challenge him or not?

  • Name: Baby Name Eachna

    he world. Eachna is pronounced ahk-na, so despite its nice namesake story, it would provide a pronunciation challenge outside the Irish culture.

  • Forums: A challenge for you awesome folks!

  • Forums: I like this name but have been told it's too...

    We ended up going with Levi . It's a name I really like, and one my wife loves, so that settled it. It's kind of a challenge to my kid to polish

  • Forums: Challenge

    ] 11. Meryl 12. Remy The next poster will post 10 names starting with A and ending in N I challenge the next person to list 6 boy names and 6 girl names (12 total

  • Forums: Challenge

    /> 10. Nikita Next challenge : 15 girls names containing the letters 'I' 'L' and 'A' Jack

  • Forums: Article about company names-- Twitter, Google, etc.

    to baby naming. He talks about name trends (middle OO, random X's and Y's), meaning behind names, and the challenge to come up with a unique, individual company name. Sound familiar? :) I thought this

  • Forums: Up for a Challenge?

  • Forums: Challenge

  • Forums: Multiple Multiples! Challenge

    ] (sextuplets) So, challenge : do you know anyone with multiple multiples? Do YOU have any? or if you did, what would you name them? Alexandra "Lexi" Lee

  • Forums: Challenge

    ">Daniel ( Dan ) Jasmine ( Jas ) I challenge you to come up