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  • Forums: MN for Calpurnia nn "Callie"?

    How about Lux , it's extremely similar. I LOVE Calpurnia .My first

  • Forums: Names that should be on nameberry, but aren't

    I recently looked for Aino and didn't find it here. Aino is a Finnish girls' name that occurs in the Finnish epic the 'Kalevala'. Calpurnia Belladonna Fairamay Naila

  • User List: Best Shakespearean Names

    , Leonato, Calpurnia

  • Forums: Totally, Kinda, or NO WAY?

    ="boy" href="/babyname/Sylvester">Sylvester No way Braxton ?No way Calpurnia ?

  • Forums: Calpurnia?

    Calpurnia is too much of a name for me and I do like a lot of ancient Roman names ( Agrippa would be another name I wouldn't use

  • Forums: Our final choices... Favorite combo?

    ">Juno Althea . Great name! Calpurnia Nyx is so amazing! I recently read a book with a character named

  • Forums: Calvin

    ]Calida Callidora Calliope Callisto Calluna Calpurnia Caltha Calyso

  • Forums: Opinions?

    ="/babyname/Rosamund">Rosamund Margot May Violet Calpurnia Bea

  • Forums: Need Help Naming Parents!

    href="/babyname/Dulce">Dulce Sigfrid Calpurnia "Purna" or "Purnia" Any suggestions are helpful! Updated list:

  • Forums: Calpurnia?

  • Forums: Callie as a nickname for..?

    Calliope Callista/Calista/Calixta Calpurnia Calico Calypso Calanthe Calandra Calais[/name

  • Forums: Dramatic Queenly Names?

    ">Titania Tatiana Calista Calpurnia Juliet Miranda

  • Forums: New CAF

    > G/B: Calpurnia Ruby & Kit Reginald G/G:

  • Forums: Your Daughter JEMIMA (US readers only)

    /Kunta">Kunta Kinte or Calpurnia . Maybe this would be a problem in the south, where I assume racism is still a problem. But out here in my neck of the woods, it would be a

  • Forums: full name options for nn Callie?

    /Calista">Calista , and Calla ?Caroline Carolyn Calpurnia

  • Forums: Odd Or Ugly Names That You Like? And Why?

    people I talk to aren't in to names they just think of old people when they hear old-fashioned names. Calpurnia Gilda

  • Forums: Can you find a name I have never heard before?

    ]Zelenka Zephyrine Demelza Amarantha Coppelia Calpurnia Liadan Oceane All are legitimate names, just very obscure! Roselaine

  • Forums: This may be it!

    : Callidora -- similar but nicer sounding though still a little smooshed. Calpurnia -- Regal sounding name, just like Renata! Other C-name options that sound nice with Renata

  • Forums: name her sister!

    ] Aglaia Amira Calpurnia Serena Georgiana / Georgina Imelda Magdalena Laetitia Perdita Romola

  • Forums: Octavia? too out there?

    ]Adonis, Hector, Octavia, Portia, Calpurnia , Homer, Lecomas, etc. Octavia Butler was probably one of the greatest science

  • Forums: WOW Factor Names

    ], Gwendolen, Anastasia, Guinevere, Calpurnia , Tallulah, Flavia...basically names that are longer, princess-y and unexpected!

  • Forums: Cricket?

    ">Christabel or Christina Calantha Calpurnia Crisanta I think it's a very cute

  • Forums: Is there any way to get to Callie other than Calliope?

    ">Calais , Calypso , Calpurnia , Pascale , Accalia , Calaminthe, Calice

  • Forums: Guilty pleasure names for girls?

    /Primrose">Primrose Eilidh October Gilda *Crazy. I know. Calpurnia *I love this one so

  • Forums: L.A. and California girls names

    name (and California county!) We're probably going with Calpurnia with the nickname Cali /

  • Forums: What names have we missed?

    ) Calpurnia ! It's a flower/nature name, with a similiar feel and image as Magnolia .There's also Suenja!! It's a German girl's name

  • Forums: Names that should be on nameberry, but aren't

    ">Maria Leopoline (not the same person as Archduchess Maria Leopoldine) Calpurnia Belladonna Fairamay Naila Ibis Johari

  • Forums: A Sister for Fiona

    Calpurnia . The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate won the Newbery award a few years ago, and it made me reassess the name

  • Forums: Weird Suggestions please!!

    /> Zenith Sorry for any repeats, what do you think of Calendula, Coriander, Zenaida , Oriana , Calpurnia ,

  • Forums: Shakespeare CAF w/ Name Bank

    Silvius (11) DD/DS: Helena Calpurnia & Horatio