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  • Name: Baby Name Sorcha

    A popular Irish name virtually unknown here — with a pronunciation that's far from obvious. It's basically SOR- ca , but with a little hiccup between the ' r' and the ' c' that's

  • Forums: Two new options...WDYT?

    /> Oceane (o-see-ENN). I kind of think it would be cute to call her O.C. (And I'm not from CA )

  • Forums: Create-A-Family : Round 2 / 5

    of residence: San Diego , CA Where do DW and DH meet? Roll dice. 6) Pick one of the above. - Cafe

  • Forums: Create-A-Family : Round 2 / 5

    : Cloverdale, CA August & I met at a sporting event in high school. We were close friends after that, and got together

  • Forums: Anyone actually naming their babies Imogen?

    in southern CA , baby or otherwise. Thank you guys so much for your thoughts! We really appreciate it! I know one

  • Forums: Sister for Susanna

    ="/babyname/ CA "> CA are Sage , Ynez , Eden (due to areas we love or Steinbeck's

  • Forums: Camila is here!

    ( ca -mee-la) Congratulations! I'm in LOVE with your sibset. It's gorgeous.

  • Forums: Create-A-Family : Round 2 / 5

    : Roll dice. 4) 20 Occupation: Pediatrician Hometown / Place of residence: San Diego ,

  • Forums: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

    DS: RW - Rodrigo Wayne DS: CA - Claudio

  • Forums: Create-A-Family : Round 2 / 5

    ">Cooper , 25 year old Architect from Los Angeles , CA . He meets Riley

  • Forums: Lokabrenna

    the beginning of the word "lot". The r is trilled and the nn is "long", like if you were saying " ca n n ot" rather than " ca nn ot". LO-kah-bren-nah, something

  • Forums: CAF: Passport to Parenthood: Round 3 of 12

    ="/babyname/Angeles">Angeles , CA Kind: 3. 4 BR House Me: Rose

  • Forums: A skin problem

    clay, which I buy locally in Vancouver but similar ones are on Etsy or whatever...

  • Forums: long dice game

    ="/babyname/ CA "> CA what does the house you buy together look like?

  • Forums: Baby Wearing Advice

    up right by your shoulder & make sure baby is in snug & nice & high (I have a beautiful green cotton Babyette ring sling which I love -

  • Forums: Please help rank our top 5 names!!

    ="/babyname/ CA "> CA USA Milo - #1 my favorite. agree w/ pp, this is masculine. also underused. sounds like a easygoing but capable person

  • Forums: Alistair James and ???

    ">CASS -ee-uhn..or CA -shun? August Henry -

  • Forums: Real Life Popularity of Imogen and Matilda in the US

    babies born last year, let make half of them girls, so out of ca . 2,000,000 (or let it be only one million) there are only 434 babies named Matilda , which

  • Forums: Two new options...WDYT?

    / CA "> CA ) Brighton . Wasn't part of the blog but I've had it on my list and think it fits.

  • Forums: Short CAF with initials

    : RC ---DD: AG ---DS/DD: MR/LC DD2: AD (same as above DH: FD ---DD1: CA

  • Forums: Need opinions for our first girl!!! :)

    /Marin">Marin County, CA even though that is where my husband and I lived briefly. We just don't like the sound of it as well. Congratulations, I like

  • Forums: Just for fun :D Name this family of 5 blondies

    , CA . The children have grown up picking, stomping and eating grapes. The family also raises chickens and they have a very dear family pet,

  • Forums: The World Traveling Family Game -- Be Creative!

    /> 9. Daughter - born in Toronto, Ontario , Canada ; initials are CA Hendricks. Girl:

  • Forums: Your Life: BNG! (Part 1/4: 5 years before Marriage)

    Callahan Where do you live? Los Angeles , CA , USA

  • Forums: Dice CAF

    " Rosie " Maguire Location| Redlands, CA

  • Forums: long dice game

    ? Manhattan Beach , CA what does the house you buy together look like?

  • Forums: long dice game

    where do you move after the wedding? Manhattan Beach , CA what does the house you buy together

  • Forums: Cahill

    gets mushed together (generally). So, yes, it sounds exactly like Carl where I am, they don't prn it ca -hill, just Carl

  • Forums: Irish Name Loves?

    /> Sorcha (sore- ca , kind of. The sound of the second syllable is hard to explain) Boys: Ciar án (keer-awn

  • Forums: CAF (with uncommon names & off-beat choice)

    ="girl" href="/babyname/ CA "> CA Surname: Leverett DW: Hollin Irie Leverett (nee Dresden )