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  • Forums: Pronunciation of Calista?

    Ca -liss-ta. Very pretty name! Ca LISS ta or Ca LEES ta? I always thought

  • Forums: Calixta/Calista

    Are Calista and Calixta pronounced the same way? Is it Ca - lee sta or Ca lis ta

  • Forums: How do you pronounce it and which is best?

    Camila is the Spanish version of the name and pronounced with a long e sound -- ca -MEEL-a -- whereas Camilla as in the wife of

  • Forums: How do you pronounce it and which is best?

    At first glance I pronounced both Ca -Mill-Uh. But I suppose I can see Camila being Ca -Mee-la In all honestly

  • Forums: hard to pronounce, does it flow??

    ) .. When you say it, aloud, does it sound too much like ca -ca ?? ( ca -ca like " no don't touch that's ca -ca ") It sticks to your throat a little, not terrible, but I think you should try

  • Forums: How do you say Camellia?

    kuh-MEEL-ee-uh? I've often thought of it as Amelia with a K sound. Ca -MEE-lee-uh. and fwiw I say Dah-li-a!

  • Forums: How do you pronounce Calista?

    One of my favorite names is Calista , but I've heard it pronounced so many diffferent ways. I pronounce it Ca

  • Forums: WDYT?

    My sister and I are nine years apart. When she was little she couldn't pronounce my name so she called me Ca -Ca . poop! Its funny now, but at eleven its

  • Forums: Camilla - thoughts and pronunciation?

    ">Millie work? I pronounce it Ca mill uh. It is a beautiful and Millie is a great nickname.

  • Forums: Pronunciation of Cassia please.

    href="/babyname/ CA "> CA -see-uh, not CASH -uh. CASH -uh just doesn't sound as classy and to be honest it sounds like

  • Forums: Think we have a name, but *facepalm* maybe not!

    I love Camilla Cambell , and pronounce it Ca -MILL-uh. DH and I talked names (finally, with two weeks

  • Forums: How do your pronounce Cassia?

    . ca -SEE-uh, but I've never met one.

  • Name: Baby Name Sorcha

    Popular Irish name unknown here -- with a pronunciation that's far from obvious. It's SOR- ca , but with a little hiccup between the r and the c that's near-impossible for the English speaker to

  • Forums: How do you pronounce Carys/Cerys?

    I've been thinking that this is an interesting name. Not really my usual style but depending on how it's pronounced I may like it. Is it Ca as in Care- ris with a long "a" like the name

  • Forums: Proper Pronunciation of Calista

    it Ca -LISS-ta, and the other pronounces it Ca -LEE -sta. I personally prefer the second pronunciation, but I am curious

  • Forums: SSA list in your state

    /Lucas">Lucas I'm so glad that Jayden and Aiden didn't make the top ten in our state I live in

  • Forums: Pronunciation?

    /Callie">Callie -estt-tah lol but thats just me im sure. I pronounce it Ca -liss-tuh. I am Canadian.

  • Forums: Chance, Choose, Roll, & Design a Family BNG, Pt. 1: You

    : Stanford University, Stanford , CA

  • Forums: free stuff for mommies...

    thought all you mommis would like these links for free stuff ca /

  • Forums: Camellia

    differently, as previous posters suggested, since at first read i actually pn. it ca -mehl-ee-ah, which i think takes away the potential "Chamelion" teasing! Hope this helps!

  • Forums: Caitriona Pronunciation?

    As far as I know, both are considered correct. ' ca -treena' probably happened because ' ca -tree-uh-na' is hard to get right without a Gaelic accent. Then you've got different sorts of Gaelic accents

  • Forums: Calista - cuh LISS tuh or cuh LEES tuh?

    ;. Neither pronunciation is wrong. We have a little Calista and pronounce it Ca -liss-ta. Still working on a nickname :-)

  • Forums: Do you know anyone with these names and WHERE ARE YOU FROM?

    ="/babyname/Bay">Bay Area, went to college in the Central Valley of CA , and currently reside in Northern

  • Forums: Need a middle name for CASH!

    don't like middle names starting with a vowel or an "L", since the "sh" sounds at the end of Cash just smears over into the middle ( Ca -shallen, Ca -shissac, Ca

  • Forums: Game Of Thrones Characters: What do you like?

    series and the show, so I have strong associations with all of these names! I'm labeling some of them " CA " as having too much character association to overcome. (Note

  • Forums: Camilla/Camila

    ? Do you pronounce them the same, or differently? I'm trying to decide if I like ca -MIL-la or ca -ME-la better. Also, I'm curious what other people normally pronounce them to be

  • Forums: Honest Opinion on Boy Name

    If you want to honor family, I would just use it as a mn. Not only do I think of Stockton, CA , but I also think of Stock Yards. It's just kind of natural for me to go for the nn and

  • Forums: Names from the zoo

    , sounds exactly like Aidan but with an m) This is in Orange County, CA ... We got a membership to the zoo, so I'm looking forward to seeing what other names I hear

  • Forums: Georgia? How popular is it?

    web site or baby name wizard press on your state to find out what its ranked in your state. I live in Los angles CA (moms here think they set name trends). In classes, play ground and

  • Forums: How much does popularity matter?

    ] and Olivia are the #1 names in the state where I live. Very true indeed. You must live in Oregon. I live in CA and love Olivia and know that it is #1