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  • Name: Baby Name Yair

    Both Jair and Yair are within the Top 1000 in 2013 -- and are both seriously on the rise.

  • Name: Baby Name Ivanna

    A relative of both Ivana and Vanna.

  • Name: Baby Name Tarana

    Both graceful and melodious.

  • Name: Baby Name Soho

    Both Soho and Noho--no-no.

  • User List: For Both

  • Name: Baby Name Teal

    This name of both a grayish-greenish-blue color and a kind of wild duck can be used for both boys and girls.

  • Name: Baby Name Carlyle

    Carlisle is more popular than Carlyle for both genders, and in both spellings more widely used for boys than for girls. It's a name we see on the rise in either spelling.

  • Name: Baby Name Alexandria

    Alexandria turns Alexandra into a more distinctive place-name, in both Egypt and Virginia.

  • Name: Baby Name Anika

    Attractive name with ties to several cultures, both African and Scandinavian.

  • Name: Baby Name Carissa

    Trending down, along with others of both the Car and the issa groups.

  • Name: Baby Name Devora

    Both a biblical and an Israeli place-name, this can be used as an offbeat substitute for Deborah.

  • Name: Baby Name Eleri

    Striking name of a legendary princess and a Welsh river that feels both moody and modern.

  • Name: Baby Name Jaeda

    Both an independent name and an alternate spelling of Jada.

  • Name: Baby Name Jinan

    One of the most appealing Muslim names, both in sound and meaning.

  • Name: Baby Name Melantha

    The th sound both softens and complicates this Melanie relative.

  • Name: Baby Name Nasima

    Associated with a spring festival, this exotic name is used by both Muslims and Christians.

  • Name: Baby Name Peri

    This name used for both sexes in several cultures is quite well used in Israel.

  • Name: Baby Name Trinidad

    Rhythmic name with both religious and geographical ties, commonly heard in Latin countries.

  • Name: Baby Name Zorina

    Both a first and last name, Zorina has a pretty, ballerina-like quality.

  • Name: Baby Name Zorah

    Zorah, the Old Testament home of Samson, is both soft and substantial.

  • Name: Baby Name Barbeau

    Too feminine via resemblance to both Barbara and Bardot.

  • Name: Baby Name Brosnan

    Actor Pierce made both his first and last name sexier.

  • Name: Baby Name Davies

    This is a both fresher and cooler spin on David.

  • Name: Baby Name Dirk

    Both Dirk and cousin Kirk are taking an extended break from maternity wards.

  • Name: Baby Name Goren

    Symbolic name given to both boys and girls born on Shavuot, the Feast of the Harvest.

  • Name: Baby Name Hackett

    Hack is, unfortunately, both an unappealing word and sound.

  • Name: Baby Name Jaylin

    This spelling of popular Jalen ranks in the Top 1000 for both girls and boys.

  • Name: Baby Name Royce

    Make up your mind: Roy or Reece, but not both .

  • Name: Baby Name Rune

    Name with connotations both mystical and tragic, newly popular in Europe.

  • Name: Baby Name Jelina

    Another version of Jelena, both Eastern European relatives of Helen.