Precious Baby Names

These baby names drawn from gems and other precious materials might be right for your little treasure.
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  • Sapphire

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    Sapphire goes waaaaay beyond Ruby and Pearl. This September birthstone, occasionally used a century ago, might be worth a reappraisal, perhaps as a Sophie/Sophia alternative. Sapphire is the pseudo... Read More 

  • Silver

    Gender: F Rate:

    Among the first wave of word names used in the hippie era, it actually is a legitimate girl's name with a lot of luster.  Read More 

  • Steel

    Gender: F Rate:

    Strong, but cold and soap opera-ish.  Read More 

  • Topaz

    Gender: F Rate:

    As a name, Topaz is sophisticated and sultry; as a golden gem, it's said to have healing and energizing properties and also to bring good luck-- and being the birthstone for November could make it ... Read More 

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