Precious Baby Names

These baby names drawn from gems and other precious materials might be right for your little treasure.
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  • Amethyst

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    As flower names become more exotic, so can gem names move beyond Ruby and Pearl to names like Topaz, Sapphire and Peridot. Amethyst, the purple birthstone for February, has never been in the Top 10... Read More 

  • Beryl

    Gender: F Rate:

    Dated British favorite that never caught on in this country, where Jade remains the green gem of choice. Interesting namesakes: British writer Beryl Bainbridge and British aviatrix Beryl Markham. Read More 

  • Bijou

    Gender: F Rate:

    Bijou is a name that lives up to its definition -- a real jewel. Warning: not unheard of on poodles' dog collars. Actress Bijou Phillips is its best known bearer. It can also be spelled Bijoux. Read More 

  • Copper

    Gender: F Rate:

    It's a beautiful burnished metal -- but also slang for policeman. Read More 

  • Coral

    Gender: F Rate:

    First used during the Victorian craze for jewel names; it could rise again, along with Ruby and Pearl, though it doesn't have as much luster.  Read More 

  • Crystal

    Gender: F Rate:

    Originally a male name, Crystal was hot in the 1980s along with shoulder pads and big hair, but retains none of the sparkle it once had.  Read More 

  • Diamond

    Gender: F Rate:

    Diamond sparkled all through the nineties--reaching as high as Number 150 in 1999. Although its shine has diminished quite a bit, it regained a bit of momentum between 2012 and 2013, climbing 72 sp... Read More 

  • Emerald

    Gender: F Rate:

    Emerald is the intriguing color and jewel name of the deep green stone treasured as far back as ancient Egypt--it's supposed to open one's heart to wisdom and to love and be good for strengthening ... Read More 

  • Garnet

    Gender: F Rate:

    One of the jewel names in use a hundred years ago, due for revival along with sisters Ruby and Pearl.  Read More 

  • Gemma

    Gender: F Rate:

    Gemma is a jewel of a name, an Italian classic that was very popular in 1980s England, but has only recently been started to be used here; it entered the list in 2008, and is already at 316. Comin... Read More 

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