Spring Baby Names

Spring has sprung in the world of baby names. For your springtime baby, or just to represent the season's lively qualities, consider these baby names that mean or relate to spring.
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  • Navin

    Gender: M Rate:

    Would fit right in with the currently popular in/an/en/on-ending boys' names.  Read More 

  • Neo

    Gender: M Rate:

    This nouveau name of Keanu Reeves's character in The Matrix has not enjoyed the same burst of popularity as its female counterpart, Trinity, but it definitely sounds, well, newer. Neo Rauch is an i... Read More 

  • Neville

    Gender: M Rate:

    More often used in Britain than here, where most names ending in ville fall into the unthinkable class, this might make an exception via fans of the musical Neville Brothers. Charles Dickens us... Read More 

  • Newland

    Gender: M Rate:

    Some will see this as spirited, others stuffy. The protagonist of the Edith Wharton novel The Age of Innocence was a popular and successful lawyer named Newbold Archer. Read More 

  • Nouvel

    Gender: F Rate:

    Shot to fame as the middle name of Brangelina's daughter Shiloh Nouvel, after French architect Jean Nouvel. Read More 

  • Nova

    Gender: F Rate:

    Nova is a name that has the feel of both newness, from his meaning, and great energy from being an astronomical term for a star that suddenly increases in brightness, then fades. Now making somet... Read More 

  • Peridot

    Gender: F Rate:

    Peridot is the gem of the month of August, a vibrant green mineral, said to be good for helping people put the past behind them, and an interesting, undiscovered jewel name. It was regarded in anc... Read More 

  • Phyllida

    Gender: F Rate:

    Phyllida, a "Masterpiece Theatre"-style appellation, seems far fresher and more unusual than Phyllis. It's a name used by sixteenth century poets and writers: Lyly has a character named Phyllida ... Read More 

  • Primavera

    Gender: F Rate:

    A bit syllable-heavy, but a pretty name for a springtime baby.  Read More 

  • Signe

    Gender: F Rate:

    Signe could make an offbeat, more exotic alternative to Sydney. In Norse mythology, Signe was the twin sister of Sigmund. Can also be spelled Signy.  Read More 

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