Surname Baby Names

Surname baby names have been growing in popularity for boys and girls too over the past few decades. Now, anything goes, so look for a long-lost surname in your family or even search the phone book for something you love. Or look through this list for more unusual surname baby names.
  • Grady

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Following in the footsteps of popular brother Brady, Grady is another lively, ebullient Irish surname name. The O'Gradys (originally O Gradaugh) were an ancient clan that produced an impressive... Read More 

  • Gray

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    The girls have Violet and Scarlet and Ruby and Rose, but for the boys there's a much more limited palette of color names. Gray (or Grey), is one exception, which could make for a soft and... Read More 

  • Guthrie

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Guthrie, an attractive Scottish surname-name, has a particularly romantic, windswept aura, with a touch of the buckaroo thrown in.

    Guthrie's folkie quality is tied to the father and son... Read More 

  • Harrison

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Harrison, a name made viable by Harrison Ford, is increasingly popular with parents who want an H name that's more formal than Harry or Hank but doesn't veer into the stiff Huntington-Harrington... Read More 

  • Henderson

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Bulky surname honoring Grandpa Henry or Saul Bellow's Rain King. Read More 

  • Hendrix

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Hendrix is one of those hip rock and roll names, like Lennon, Jagger and Presley, that have been used by fellow celebs and others, to honor the seminal guitarist/singer/songwriter Jimi. And this... Read More 

  • Hopper

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Sean and Robin Wright Penn chose this name for their son to honor their friend Dennis Hopper; others might associate it with the painter Edward. Couldn't be more spirited.Read More 

  • Huxley

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Huxley is definitely rising as a surname name, with its X that makes almost any name cooler. Huxley honors writer Aldous, author of Brave New World, and other members of his... Read More 

  • Jacoby

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Jacoby, a surname spin on Jacob is starting to head up the charts as a substitute for that top name, thanks largely to the popularity of the Boston Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury, the first Native... Read More 

  • Jefferson

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    The name of the third U.S. President sounds, like Harrison and Jackson, more modern and stylish now than its root name. Used as a first name long before our surname-crazed era, Jefferson was most... Read More 

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