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Saturday Night Live has been around for 34 years, and over its long run it has featured many of the funniest, most creative, offbeat comic talents in America–some of whom have gone on to become so iconic that we’ve almost forgotten they were ever regulars on the show.  As in Billy Crystal, Robert Downey Jr, Bill Murray, Dennis Miller, Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Martin Short and Senator Al “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough” Franken.

The question is: did they apply their quirky creativity when it came to naming their babies?  The answer is: not so much.  For example, Billy Crystal named one of his daughters Jennifer, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Brad Hall have a Henry and a Charles, Dana Carvey a Thomas, Al Franken a Joe,  and Jim Belushi a Robert.

But there are some who did–to lesser and greater degrees–think outside the box, most recently Maya Rudolph with her choice of Lucille. Here are some others:

ALEXANDRA  —  Joe Piscopo


AUBREY  —  Victoria Jackson

BELLA ZAHRA  —  Eddie Murphy

BELLE KINGSTON  —  Dan Ackroyd

BIRGEN  —  Phil Hartman

BRIA  –Eddie Murphy

BRIDEY  —  Chris Elliot

CARA MIA  —  Damon Wayans

ELLA OLIVIA  —  Ben Stiller

FRANCES  —  Ana Gasteyer

GITRID  —  Tracy Morgan

HARPER  —  David Spade

JAMISON —  Jim Belushi

KYLA  —  Damon Wayans

LILY ASTER  —  Gilbert Gottfried

LOLA SIMONE  —  Chris Rock

LUCILLE  —  Maya Rudolph

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