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By Brooke Cussans, Baby Name Pondering

The Doctor WhoChristmas special aired on Christmas Day, so I thought this would be  a good time to follow up my Fiftieth Anniversary Special post on Doctor Who actor names with one inspired by the other stars of the show – the companions.

The companions provide a balance to the usually erratic and eccentric Doctor, and help to maintain continuity from one regeneration of the Doctor to the next. They are his greatest supporters – sometimes helping, sometimes asking the right questions, and sometimes getting into a spot of trouble. Companions have been male, female and robots, and as the Doctor often travels with a few at once there have been 43(!) of them so far. Here is a is a summary of ten of his most well-loved female companion names.

AmeliaAmy” Pond (2010-2012)

At times it was slightly unclear whether the affection between sardonic Amy and the Doctor was romantic or not. But her unwavering love and loyalty for Rory proved she was a determined woman who clearly knew her own mind. Amelia has been rising in the past decade while Amy has been falling, but both are top 200 names.

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The Simpsons has been running for twenty-five years now (an all-time record for a TV show), with hundreds of episodes under its belt, episodes crammed with weird and wacky characters, often with names to match, making both regular and one-shot appearances.  But it’s the show’s more normal names that make a rich source of TV baby names.

When it came to the lead characters, creator Matt Groening did what many of us do, which was to name them after family members: Homer and Marge Groening are his parents’ names and Lisa and Maggie his younger sisters’.  As for Bart (full name Bartholomew Jojo Simpson), that was derived as an anagram of the word ‘brat.’ (Trivia note: Many of the last names were inspired by street names of Portland.)

Here are some of the most usable  Simpsons-inspired names— (no Boobarellas here):




Alaska (last name Nebraska)







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