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New Royal Baby Name Contest!

royal baby contest

Royal baby watch is in full swing! A little brother or sister for Prince George Alexander Louis is expected any day now.

The world is waiting to learn whether the newest Windsor will be a prince or a princess. We’re happy for Will and Kate either way – as long as they choose a great name! We recently covered the latest speculation over the most likely royal baby names, from favorites like Alice to dark horses like Richard.

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The official list of U.S. Most Popular Names of 2013 will be released by the Social Security Administration any day now, and so in advance of the announcement, which we’re all awaiting with baited breath, we’re asking you to predict which names will come out on top.

Will Jacob‘s 14-year reign finally end?  Will  Sophia and Isabella continue to play tag, or will there be a new Most Popular girl and boy in town? And if so, who do you think it will it be?

What about the rest of the  Top 10?  How do you see the order shifting?  Which names will fall off or leap onto the Top 10 for girls and boys? (For a full list of 2012 Top 1000, see our Popular Names page.) There will be a prize (see below) for the first person to guess correctly the Top 10 girls and Top 10 boys in the correct order.

As a reminder, here were the leading names last year:

1 Jacob Sophia
2 Mason Emma
3 Ethan Isabella
4 Noah Olivia
5 William Ava
6 Liam Emily
7 Jayden Abigail
8 Michael Mia
9 Alexander Madison
10 Aiden Elizabeth

And if you like, you might go beyond the Top 10s and make some further predictions, like new names on  the Top 1000, names making the biggest leap up the national charts…

As a further inducement, we’re giving away a charming personalized baby bunting, one of the most popular items in the Nameberry Store and a great accessory for your child’s room.

If no one guesses the correct Top 10s, we’ll pick the person who in our opinion comes closest.












It’s a tie! We have two winners who came closest to predicting the Top 20 names for 2013, and they are (drum roll!):

Orchid_Lover! and townsend2787

…who will each get a personalized, multi-patterned fabric banner from our store.

They both guessed 19 of the 20 names correctly, and though not in the exact order, they were pretty close (darn that Chloe and Aiden!).

It was a tough year for prognosticating, the main stumbling blocks being Noah and Liam’s surprise jumps into first and second place.  (Hats off also to luluemonmee—the only entrant who predicted Noah at the top!) The vast majority of boy votes went to Mason at Number 1.

Among the girls, Ella, Lily, Chloe and Charlotte were the biggest wannabees not to make it, and for the boys, the aforementioned Aiden, plus Elijah and James.

So congrats to the winners, and thank you all so much for participating!


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It started, as so many good things do, on the nameberry message boards: I love the name Maggie, the poster wrote, but notsomuch Margaret.  What are some more original baby names that will get me to Maggie?

And just like that, the creative nameberry community jumped in: How about Magnolia?, someone suggested.  Or Marguerite. Magda, or MagdalenaMargo, Margot, or Margaux.

Then the suggestions got even more inventive.  Magenta.  Magalin or Magaly.

Which gave us an idea, not for yet another way to get to Maggie, but for a new way to create a nameberry blog.  What if we pose a challenge — Inventive ways to get to a popular nickname, say — and then turn the solutions over to the nameberry community?

Here’s how it will work.  Cite the popular nickname you’re starting with: Annie, say, or Jack.  Then, with a nod to the usual ways to get there — Anne and John — move on to the most comprehensive and inventive list of proper names  you can think of that might theoretically lead you to your nickname of choice.  You’re allowed to build on somebody else’s list of original baby names, but we encourage you to start your own.

And while of course you can do more than one, try and leave some good popular nicknames for the other players.  The more people who join in, the more interesting this will be.

Ready, set, blog!

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trophyThanks to all of you for entering the Nameberry Mother’s Day Contest. Now that the SSA lists are in, we are able to declare the winners–which turned out to be more complicated than we expected. Largely due to Emma jumping into first place–and not Isabella, which most of you predicted– and the surprise appearance of wild-card Chloe at #10, no one was able to come up with a perfect list.

In fact, very few of you made the Emma- Jacob combo your top picks. The two entrants who did (and are coincidentally evidence of the wide range of the nameberry world), and who also successfully predicted a large proportion of the other Top 20 names are:

CATHERINE, a 19-year-old Pennsylvania college student already obsessed with names (her current favorites are Rufus, Johannes, Daphne, Lucy and Alice),  and

DIANE, a volunteer doula living in Florida, who is a ‘self-proclaimed name nerd’ and grandmother to boys named Jordan and Ian.

avaaidencoverThe winners get an advance copy of our brand-new book, Beyond Ava & Aiden, along with signed copies of three other name guides.  Runners-up are  the five perceptive people who picked 18 of the 20 top names (though not necessarily in the proper order)–their names will be posted shortly.

Wondering what  the most common sticking points were? On the girls’ list, it was including Addison, Hannah, Madeline, Lily, and/or Grace; and for the boys, Noah, Andrew, and triplets Aiden, Brayden, and Jayden.

But if we want to affirm our baby naming acumen: in last week’s poll, 71% correctly predicted that Jacob would stay on top and Emily would not.

And in the unlikely event that you somehow missed  the official list, here are the Top Ten for each sex:





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Our friends over at The Cradle, a fresh, stylish resource for expectant and new moms, are running a 26-day giveaway. Through May 15th, every new Cradle member is entered to win the grand prize package of a Micralite Toro Stroller and a lillebaby EveryWear Carrier. Plus, each day, The Cradle is giving away daily prizes that include:

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Members of The Cradle have access to the site’s many great features, including message boards, a weekly pregnancy calendar, a birthday calendar that helps you keep track of what you need to be doing throughout your pregnancy, plus baby gear deals and discounts.

Cradle members can also create free pregnancy web pages, send out e-birth announcements, and join or start online groups with other expectant and new moms.

Plus The Cradle’s excellent baby name database is built from our book The Baby Name Bible: check it out for a different way to search for and rate your favorite names.

For more information and to take a peek at the daily prizes, visit The Cradle’s membership giveaway page.

REMINDER: If you haven’t done so already (only one entry per person), don’t forget to enter Nameberry’s Mother’s Day Contest.  Send your choices for the Top 10 Girls and Top 10 Boys names of 2008 to by May 7th.  First entrant to get both lists right will win autographed copies of four Rosenkrantz-Satran name books–including an advance copy of the not-yet-published Beyond Ava & Aiden.

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