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Pam Spam: That was a rare one, easy to ignore.

But Pammy, said in a whine-y, wheedle-y voice, was more hurtful.  To this day, if someone wants to get under my skin (I’m looking at you, Cousin Michael), they call me Pammy.

Were you ever teased about your name?  In what way?  How hurtful was it — did it verge on bullying, or was it more affectionate, even a sign of popularity?

And what about your children’s names?  Did you look for a name that was tease-proof, or at least one that would not lend itself to teasing?

Has your child gotten teased about his or her name?  Do you find people more tolerant and less prone to name-teasing today than they were when you were growing up?

Please tell us your experiences around names and teasing — either about your own name or the names of your children and loved ones.

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Name Teasing: Is it Dying Down?


On our message boards recently, someone–who happens to be a teacher– expressed the opinion that in the new name landscape, which encompasses so many multi-ethnic names, word names, unusual spellings and “unique” names, Greek god names, etc, etc, today’s children are much more accepting of the wide variety of their classmates’  names and therefore less prone to teasing.

And yet this still seems to  remain one of parents’ greatest concerns, as they weigh every possibility of a name’s susceptibility to other kids’ mocking.  But are we overthinking this, our references being back to our own childhoods, where there was such a thing as a “normal” name?

That’s today’s Question of the Week: Is name teasing now less of a concern?

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