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Christmas Names of Peace and Goodwill

peaceful baby names

The holiday and new year period often makes us reflect on the state of the world and create a desire to spread peace and goodwill to all mankind. In this spirit, we look at names from across the globe that are connected to the idea of peace. By Esmeralda Rocha

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Who hasn’t felt a little sorry for the child born on Christmas day, whose special day isn’t special only to him, whose birthday party has to be rescheduled for a different date, and whose double gifts often fall short. And yet enough of these children have managed to surmount those obstacles to go on to great success. Here are a dozen Christmas-birthday babes—with interesting names—who have done just that.

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Hot Climate Christmas Baby Names

hot Christmas names

By Esmeralda Rocha

Apart from names connected with the nativity story, most traditional Christmas names are connected to the season. Winter, Neve, Holly, Ivy are names that consistently feature in Christmas naming lists.

But these frosty, cool climate names are only one side to the story; in the southern hemisphere, Christmas is a summer holiday, where sun, fire and exotic flowers accompany the Christmas story and its message of love.

So what names evoke the Christmas experience south of the equator? We looked to South America, the AsiaPacific and southern Africa to bring you some unexpected, sultry and exotic Christmas names.

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Christmas crooner names

By Sophie Kihm

Would you ever consider giving a December-born baby the name of a timeless holiday singer? I like the idea–it makes a subtle connection between the name and time of year–much less conspicuous than something like Holiday or Yule.

BingBing Crosby has one of the most classic Christmas albums of all time–after seventy years it’s still on heavy rotation. Bing is a swanky old-fashioned nickname with a lot of potential. Kate Hudson used it as a nickname for her son Bingham.

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Names for a Yuletide Babe: The O Antiphons

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Holy Christmas Names

By Kate at Sancta Nomina (Katherine Morna Towne)

I recently went back through the Nameberry archives to see what posts have been done about Christmas names and found articles listing names relating to Christmas movies (Ralphie, Zuzu) and TV specials (Linus, Virginia), seasonal foliage (Holly, Ivy), colors (Crimson, Scarlet), Elf on the Shelf names (Buddy, Nick), and, of course, the major players (Mary, Joseph, Emmanuel). What can be said about names relating to Christmas that hasn’t yet been said?

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