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101 Fresh Subs for Top 10 Boy Names

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Popular boy name substitutes

By Aimee Tafreshi

Throughout my childbearing years, I curated a list of potential boys’ and girls’ names. In the boys’ camp, the list was glaringly short compared to the possibilities for team pink. When my first child—a girl—was born, I almost named her Brooke. But I loved the name Brooks even more, and given my perceived dearth of boys’ options, I was thrilled to bestow the name upon my second child, a boy. When it came to my youngest son, my favored names varied among stylish choices like Hudson and Emmett, classic picks like Henry, and names that I felt a connection with like Beech (husband said no way!) and Blaine (the winner!).

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mathieu callier

By Mathieu Cailler

During my recent book tour travels, I would often read a short story titled “Zorba’s” from my collection, Loss Angeles. In it, a young couple contemplates names for their soon-to-be-born baby boy. They go back and forth: the husband likes a name, the wife does not, and vice-versa. What I noticed at the readings was that everyone has a name story. And it got me thinking about the names in my book, and how I came to select them.

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Best Names Given to Just 5 Babies

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5 babies

By Dantae

As I did last year last year, I’ve now compiled a list of the best – in my opinion – names given to just five babies last year. I tried to keep to only conventionally spelled names or properly spelled variations, such as Agathe and Olivine.


Agathe – This is the Greek spelling of Agatha, meaning “good.” Agathe von Trapp was the oldest daughter in the famous von Trapp, known in The Sound of Music as Liesl. There’s a Saint Agatha and the writer Agatha Christie. Agathe is a strong name with a cute nickname: Aggie.

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baby names from books

By Clare Bristow

We’re pleased to introduce a new Author of the Month series by the distinguished Clare Bristow, beginning here with Thomas Hardy character names.

I’m starting this series with my favourite 19th century novelist, Thomas Hardy. If you’re looking for whimsical Victorian names, biblical rarities or wholesome old-timey nicknames, you’ll find them all in his books.

Hardy is famous for his stories of drama, scandal and (usually) doomed love set in rural southwest England, which he called by its historic name of Wessex. (Incidentally, that was also the name of his dog.) Besides the dramatics, his novels are also full of warm scenes of ordinary country life, which Hardy saw vanishing in his lifetime.

His two best-known characters both have short, sweet and successful names. You might recognise them from the title of their books.

Jude (the Obscure) is no longer an obscure name at all. It’s been rising in popularity over the last couple of decades, helped by Jude Law bringing it to public attention, and the Beatles song ‘Hey, Jude‘. In the US it ranks at 162 and might just break into the top 100 in the next few years. It’s already there in England and Wales, at 65.

Tess (of the d’Urbervilles) is declining in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic, ranking 998 in the US and 763 in England and Wales). That’s not the whole story, as there are probably a fair few girls called Tessa and Teresa who answer to Tess. In the Netherlands, where short girls’ names are very on-trend, Tess was the top name in 2013, and in 2015 was no. 7.

His characters cover the whole social range from servants and farmhands to landed gentry, and their names are equally varied. Let’s take a look at some of the naming styles he used.

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Starbaby Predictions:

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Starbaby predictions

By Sophie Kihm

Like any name nerd, I am utterly fascinated by the world of celebrity baby names.

Bold choices without backlash, five middle names, starting international trends? It’s a name lover’s dream. Alas, we don’t all have that kind of star-power. However, the following celebrities do—and they all have babies on the way! While it’s hard to make predictions about what their kiddos will ultimately be named (they do have a bigger pool to choose from than the rest of us, after all), here are my suggestions of names I think match their style. 

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