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Neglected Baby Names: The K girls

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neglected baby names

By Kara Blakley

K, more than most other letters, has been misunderstood. Check the Nameberry forums and you’ll find plenty of comments like, “I’m not a fan of K names. Most give me the trendy vibe.” “I am not a fan of K names. I think this has to do with the trend of replacing Cs with Ks,” “Most K names look off,” “I usually interpret the K names as being younger or less traditional than the Cs,” “Cs are classier than Ks.” You get the idea. And yet, K is a pretty popular letter in the wider world. A few numbers demonstrate the disparity of love for K: the Top 250 on Nameberry includes seven K names (including Khaleesi and Katniss) for girls, and six for boys. However, there are sixteen K names for girls and twelve for boys in the US Top 250.

Perhaps K has an image problem: an overexposed TV family might have something to do with that. What if namers might be inclined towards a K name, but they’re not sure how to choose one that will retain its appeal long after certain reality stars fade from the spotlight?

Here are my nominations for K names worth a second look. Not only do none of these names exude the “kree8tiv” vibe that Berries typically stay away from, but many actually have a use and sound that transcend languages and cultures.

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By Esmeralda Rocha

For International Women’s Day on March 8, we celebrate a dozen women (and a dozen names) from around the globe. Some are still alive, some died millennia ago; some were activists, some were scientists, some were artists. All displayed a sense of courage and genius that we should celebrate – and all of them had interesting names that we should consider for our next generation of impressive women.

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Name Sage: But what will we name a girl?!?

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Girl baby names

Laura writes:

We are expecting our first child in July, and I do not want to leave the hospital with Baby M!

My husband is a tad on the more traditional side when it comes to names, while I am more open.

Our last name is a German three-syllable beast that starts with “M” and ends with the sound “ck.” That has also proved to be difficult to work with.

I have one non-negotiable: my middle name is Reed, which is a family name, and it will be used in some way.

I think I have my husband convinced of Reed Bear for a boy. Bear is a family name on his side, and we are huge fans of the outdoors, so I just love it all around.

We haven’t approached the subject of girl names yet! Here are the names I like, all with middle name Reed:

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girls' names

by Pamela Redmond Satran

Girls’ names that end in the lee sound – from Ellie to Lily to Natalie to Riley and Everly – have been growing in popularity in recent years. In fact, sometimes it seems as if almost any girls’ name that ends in ly or ley or lie or leigh zooms to the top of the list.

But what if you love the appealing lee ending but want a name that’s more unusual? We’ve rounded up 30 fresh girls’ names of the three major lee types for you to consider, namely:

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Girl Scout Baby Names

Meagan Burke, TulipByAnyName

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