Baby Girl Names: More little middles

girl middle names

By Linda Rosenkrantz

We recently provided a slew of single-syllable middle possibilities for boys, but actually it’s the girl namers who might need this more. After all, it was earlier generations who felt locked into the AnnBethLeeLouSue trap.

Many parents now are exploring the fresh-feeling nature world options, so we start off with those.

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Middle Name Danger

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By Abby Sandel

Her husband loves the middle name Danger for a future son. She’s not convinced, and worries it will lead to a serious case of name regret. What would you do?

Erin writes:

My husband and I are expecting our first child early next year. We have had our names picked out forever!

If the baby is a girl her name will be Piper Amelia. If it is a boy, his name will be Luke.

Here is where we are stuck! When my husband and I met, he somehow convinced me that his middle name was Danger. Ever since, my husband has been set on that as a middle name for any future son we might have.

While I think it’s cute due to our history, I’m not sure I’m willing to name our son Luke Danger. I’m afraid when he’s 16 it will come back to haunt us! Any ideas on names that have the same meaning or flow to them?

The Name Sage replies:

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By CaraMichelle

It’s time to talk about the new starbaby arrivals of September 2016!

Two of these entries are for stargrandbabies. Cybill Shepherd‘s daughter, Clementine Ford, welcomed daughter Welles Molavi. And Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan became mom to Evangeline.

We also loved Rob Schneider’s play on his own name for daughter Madeline Robbie’s middle.

Other highlights included Adam Levine’s soft and sentimental choice of Dusty Rose, and a new addition to the Alec Baldwin brood: Leonardo Ángel Charles.

And here’s the complete list:

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Rising Boy Names: 9 Ready to Roar

Rising Boy Names

By Abby Sandel

Last week we looked at nine girl names likely to soar. Head to a kindergarten class in five years or so, and chances are you’ll hear more of names like Luna, Liv, and Sloane. They’re stylish, on-trend, and attracting more attention from expectant parents.

This week, it’s the boys’ turn. As with the girls’ list, names currently ranked in the US Top 100 were excluded – though a few, like Ezra, could easily be the next big thing.

Some made our earlier list of shooting stars, names rising more than 100 places over the last year. Others are simply in step with current fashions, or generating so much buzz, that it’s easy to imagine we’ll b hearing more and more of these names in the years to come.

Here are nine boy names most likely to make their mark.

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Classic Girl Names: Mary-not-Mary


Mary long reigned as the Number One girls’ name throughout the English-speaking world. Some were Mary Ann or Mary Ellen, but others got far more creative in their quest to stand out from the crowd. So they traded in the ubiquitous Mary for names more glamorous, creative, cooler, or at least more distinctive. You may not even realize that many of these women started out life answering to the regal, saintly classic girl nameBy Abby Sandel

Here are some of our favorite Mary-not-Marys.

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