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Katherine Heigl welcomes son

Posted January 17th, 2017

Congratulations to Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley on the arrival on their baby boy!

Son Joshua Bishop Kelley, Jr. arrived on December 20th. The actress revealed that she was expecting last June.

Katherine and Josh are also parents to daughters Naleigh, 8, and Adalaide, 4. It’s no surprise that they opted for a family name for the new addition. Naleigh’s name comes from Nancy, Katherine‘s mom, and Margaret Leigh, Katherine‘s sister. Second daughter Adalaide was named for Katherine‘s great-grandmother.

A long-time Top Ten name in the US, Joshua remains popular throughout the English-speaking world. Bishop seems unusual today, but the surname name actually appeared in the US Top 1000 during the late n nineteenth and early twentieth centuries – and returned to the rankings last year.

We’re looking forward to the first pictures!

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Janet Jackson is a new mom!

Posted January 3rd, 2017

Singer Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana, a Qatari entrepreneur, have welcomed their first child together. Son Eissa was born on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. That makes Eissa the first high profile arrival of the new year!

Rumor was that Janet‘s son would be named Michael, after her late brother. Instead, his name comes from the Arabic form of Jesus. It’s a meaningful choice that seems in keeping with the Qatari preference for traditional names.

Janet canceled her tour last year and kept a low profile during her pregnancy. Let’s hope the famous family shares a picture of their new arrival soon!

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Could it be Deveraux Octavian Basil?

Posted December 16th, 2016

Mick Jagger welcomed his eighth child earlier this month, a son with girlfriend Melanie Hamrick. No other details have been released. But now, the Telegraph is reporting that the new addition’s name is Devereaux Octavian Basil Jagger.

Octavian, from the Latin octavus, meaning eight, makes a fitting middle. It could refer to his status as eighth-born child, or his date of birth – December 8th. While we don’t know if Devereaux carries a special meaning, we do know that Basil was the name of Mick‘s late father.

Octavian joins older sisters Karis, Jade, Elizabeth, James, Georgia, Gabriel, and Lucas. Mick is also a grandfather to five, and through his granddaughter Assisi, a great-grandfather, too.

We’re still waiting for official confirmation of the baby’s name, but if it’s true, Devereaux could easily join our list of most influential celebrity baby names of the year.

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A Family Name for Savannah Guthrie’s Son

Posted December 9th, 2016

Congratulations to TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie and husband Mike Feldman on the birth of their second child, son Charles Max.

They’re calling him Charley!

Charley joins big sister Vale Guthrie Feldman, born in 2014.

Charles honors Savannah‘s late father, while Max comes from the Feldman side of the family.

We’ve heard quite a bit of this classic name in recent years, for both boys and girl. Jeff Goldblum welcomed Charlie Ocean last year. David Arquette has a Charlie West, also inspired by loved ones. And Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell named their daughter Charlie Tamara Tulip back in 2009. That’s not counting the many children named Charles and Charlotte who, like Savannah‘s son, might answer to Charley or Charlie for short.

You can read more about the new arrival – and see the adorable first photos – in TODAY’s announcement.

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Ashton & Mila announce son’s name: Dimitri!

Posted December 2nd, 2016

We shared earlier that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had welcomed a son, a little brother for Wyatt Isabelle. Now we know his name, and it’s nothing we could have guessed!

The couple’s new addition will answer to Dimitri Portwood Kutcher.

Dimitri honors Mila‘s roots. The actress was born in the Ukraine when it was still part of the USSR, and came to the United States at the age of seven. The Slavic name comes from Demetrios, a name honoring earth mother Demeter. While forms of the name are used in a great many languages, none are common in English.

Their daughter’s middle name, Isabelle, was chosen to remember Mila‘s grandfather, so it’s possible there’s more to the story of their new addition’s name.

We’ll have to wait and see if the family of four shares any additional details!

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Wyatt Isabelle is a big sister!

Posted December 2nd, 2016

Congratulations to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher on the birth of their son!

The new baby joins big sister Wyatt Isabelle, born in 2014.

Mila and Ashton have not revealed their new son’s name, but Ashton has talked about his love for one out-there pick: Hawkeye. He told late night host Conan O’Brien that “it didn’t get across the Mila threshold.”

He did say that they had a favorite, but weren’t completely certain they’d use it.

Hopefully the famous family will share the news soon. For now, we’re sending warm wishes to the family of four!

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Another Kardashian arrives!

Posted November 10th, 2016

Updated: Welcome, Dream Renee Kardashian!

Reality show’s royal family added another princess today.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian – younger brother to Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, and half-brother to Kendall and Kylie – are now starring in a reality show spin-off of their own. The couple’s journey to parenthood has been a major focus of the E! series, as well as their frequent social media updates.

I think both of my girls are Happy now ??

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Some have speculated that they couple would choose something traditional. However, we know that Blac Chyna is a bold baby namer. She’s already mom to King Cairo with her ex, Tyga. It’s no surprise that the couple went with something equally bold for their daughter: Dream Renee.

Word is that the delivery was filmed for their show, so we may hear more about the process of choosing her name soon.

Congratulations to the family!

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New Name Alert: Essex

Posted November 4th, 2016

Congratulations go out to another reality television family today!

JP and Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum met on Season 7 of The Bacheloretteand tied the knot in 2012.

They’ve made a reputation as daring namers. Son Fordham Rhys arrived in 2014. Fordham is rare, but fits with current trends, including the rise of Ford.

The family announced that their new addition would be a girl via a sweet Instagram earlier this year:

But what girl names goes with Fordham?

The couple surprised us with another nearly unique name for their daughter. Essex Reese arrived on Friday, November 4th. They’re calling her Essie.

The place name originally comes from an Old English phrase meaning East Saxons. It’s still the name of a county today. That puts Essex in the company of Brooklyn, London, and Savannah.

But another part of the name’s appeal is that cool, edgy letter x, and the sassy-retro nickname Essie. The name feels part-Felix, part-Sadie.

To date, only a small number of boys born in the US have been named Essex, and almost no girls. But given the popularity of The Bachelor alumni families, that could change.

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Another Cumberbaby on the way!

Posted October 22nd, 2016

Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch walked the red carpet on Thursday night for Benedict‘s newest movie, Doctor Strange. The new movie marks Benedict‘s debut as a member of the Marvel universe of superheroes.

But that’s not the only big news from the event. We also learned that Sophie and Benedict are excepting another Cumberbaby!

Son Christopher Carlton was born in 2015. Christopher is the fourth generation of Cumberbatch men to share the middle name Carlton. Dad’s full name is Benedict Timothy Carlton.

Chances are the couple will choose another traditional, buttoned-down name for their new addition. Congratulations to the family, and we can’t wait to hear what they choose!

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Welcome, Caleb!

Posted October 18th, 2016

Congratulations to Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha on the birth of their second child, son Caleb Kelechi.

Caleb joins big sister Isabelle Amarachi.

The Scandal star married the former NFL cornerback in 2013.

While the children’s given names are mainstream favorites, the middles seem surprising. Both honor dad’s heritage. Nnamdi was born in Louisiana, but his parents both immigrated from Nigeria.

Dad’s first name, as well as the children’s middles, all come from Igbo. Nnamdi  honors the memory of a grandfather, while Amarachi means God’s grace.

Caleb‘s middle is every bit as meaningful. Kelechi means give thanks to God.

Combining traditional given names with heritage choices in the middle spot is a great strategy for naming children.

Wishing the new family of four joy!

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Welcome, Daisy Josephine!

Posted October 16th, 2016

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis welcomed their second child together on October 11th.

We already knew the couple were great baby namers. Their firstborn is son Otis Alexander. Now their new addition is a daughter, and the couple chose Daisy Josephine.

Daisy blends so many trends. It’s a nature name, like River and Wren. But it’s also a vintage pick, something like Sadie, since Daisy was once used as a nickname for Margaret. Marshall and Lilly named their daughter Daisy on How I Met Your Mother, and there’s an unforgettable Daisy on Downton Abbey.

It’s also a slightly more conventional choice than Otis. Daisy ranks in the current US Top 200, as does Josephine. Compare that to Otis, a name that just returned to the US Top 1000 in 2015.

Of course, Otis‘ return might have something to do with the Olivia and Jason‘s choice of the name for their son – which certainly makes Daisy a name to watch in 2017.

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Ashton and Mila are expecting a boy!

Posted October 8th, 2016

Ashton Kutcher is soon to be a dad of two. He recently revealed that he and Mila Kunis will be bringing home a son to join big sister Wyatt Isabelle.

Ashton and Mila found Wyatt‘s unusual name through a technique the proud papa calls “names tourettes” – he lists as many names as he can think of, rapid-fire style – and hopes that one sticks.

It worked for Wyatt, and sure enough, the actor recently revealed to Kelly Ripa that they’ve successfully landed on a name for their new son this way, too.

Any chance we can guess what the couple has chosen for baby boy Kutcher?

Here are the clues:

  • After Ashton shared the name with Kelly, she declared it “established.”
  • There’s some tendency to use family-inspired names. Wyatt‘s middle, Isabelle, was inspired by Mila‘s grandfather’s name, Yitzhak.

That suggests that the name will be traditional, a contrast to their eyebrow-raising pick of Wyatt for a girl.

Another modern favorite, like Cameron, might make a good choice. It’s been a Top 100 name for boys in the US since the late 1980s, so that “established” feels like the right word.

Or maybe they’ll keep it in the family. Mila and Ashton both have brothers named Michael. Choosing a very traditional name for a son might contrast nicely with the borrowed-from-the-boys name they chose for their firstborn.

Since Mila‘s roots are in the Ukraine, they might choose a traditional name often used in Slavic countries. Alexander, maybe? Victor or Max?

Word is that Mila is due soon. While the couple doesn’t share pictures of their children, Ashton did promise Kelly that they’d reveal their new son’s name.

Any guesses as to what they’ll call their new addition?