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Saxon Names from the Last Kingdom

By Clare Bristow

Viewers on both sides of the Atlantic have been enjoying the television show The Last Kingdom, based on novels by Bernard Cornwell. Set in the ninth century, it tells the story of the Danish invasion of what is now England, and the Saxon resistance.

A lot of the characters are real historical figures so we know their names are appropriate for their time and place (always a relief for name lovers). Many of the fictional characters also have names that were recorded around the same time.

Here are seven authentic Anglo-Saxon men’s names from the show, ranging from the familiar to the unheard-of. Characters’ names are spelled here are they are in the credits.

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Hot Climate Christmas Baby Names

hot Christmas names

By Esmeralda Rocha

Apart from names connected with the nativity story, most traditional Christmas names are connected to the season. Winter, Neve, Holly, Ivy are names that consistently feature in Christmas naming lists.

But these frosty, cool climate names are only one side to the story; in the southern hemisphere, Christmas is a summer holiday, where sun, fire and exotic flowers accompany the Christmas story and its message of love.

So what names evoke the Christmas experience south of the equator? We looked to South America, the Asia-Pacific and southern Africa to bring you some unexpected, sultry and exotic Christmas names.

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Treasures from One Family Tree

genealogy names

By Kate Massey

My love for genealogy came from my interest in discovering names I had never heard before. There is something special about being able to connect yourself to a rare gem of a name, and being able to connect that name to your ancestor’s history.

In addition to individual names, there are also some interesting patterns I’ve noticed while researching the branches of my various family trees. Some eras favored word names while others preferred patriotic names. Some branches were filled with unique names, while others stuck with the more traditional. One trend I’ve noticed is that “sibset” naming wasn’t considered until the 20th century. There often seemed to be a wide variety of names among siblings, yet, it wasn’t strange to have two sons named Joseph or three daughters named Elizabeth.

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We Named Kim & Kanye’s Baby!

kanye baby name

By Pamela Redmond Satran

Kim and Kanye’s baby son was born this morning, and while lots of joke baby names have been thrown about, from Easton to South to Yeezus, the new parents have confessed that they are seriously stumped on finding a good name.

So we have some ideas for them. Brilliant ideas.  C’mon, Kim and Kanye: Just let us name your baby.  Our picks:

Winter or Windsor, shortened to Win – We are super-excited about this one. We don’t know whether we prefer Winter or Windsor as a full name, with Winter connecting to the baby’s December birthday and Windsor referring to the British royals that Kim admires. Both lead to the undeniably perfect nickname Win, an upbeat word name that’s less jokey than another directional name and perfect for the son of the winning couple. PLUS the alliterative W beginning makes for a powerful full name: It echoes Kim’s KK initials without mimicking them.

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16 Neglected Greek Names

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Greek Baby Names

By Sophie Kihm

To me, Greek names are some of the most beautiful–though I might be biased as my own name has Greek roots. Here are some Hellenic names that deserve more notice.


BetaBeta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet and a widely used tech term. She’s synonymous with being second, making her perfect for child number two. Add a syllable and you get Beata–another pretty European name.

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