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girl names ending in o sound

by Abby Sandel

If you’re an American Idol devotee, you might remember Season Two’s Kimberly Caldwell. Her music career hasn’t taken off, but Caldwell has remained in the public eye as a television host and sometimes actor. Now she’s added a new role to her repertoire: mom. She and soccer player husband Jordan Harvey have welcomed a daughter.

The daughter’s name? The rather repetitive Harlow Monroe. I thought I’d heard it before, but not so. The name I was thinking of was Marlowe Monroe, daughter of actress Jenna von Oÿ, born late last year.

Harlow Monroe and Marlowe Monre? I can’t decide if they’re quirky, upbeat combinations, or just an O overload?

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S Surnames for Girls: Sutton, Sloane and More

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baby name sutton

By Abby Sandel

Taylor gave way to Madison, and now Harper is poised to crack the US Top Ten. But some of the most stylish surname names for girls are brought to us by the letter S.

Talented actress Sutton Foster (shown) has put her name on the map, and Sloane brings to mind everything from the stylish 1980s Londoners known as Sloane Rangers – the late Princess Diana was one – to Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off.

Let’s take a look at all of the possibilities:

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10 of the Right Names to Write

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the write baby names

By Kara @ The Art of Naming 

Kids today have so much technology at their disposal that most of them probably don’t write nearly as often as us older folks did. I don’t know about you but when I grew up, cursive was still very much a thing. I remember having to practice each letter over and over again until I got them right.

My favorite letters, of course, were the loopiest ones like f, g, l,  p, and y. I remember doodling all over my binders wishing that my name had loopier letters in it. When my name didn’t satisfy, I began writing the names of my friends, my classmates, my family members and my crushes instead.

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Thinking Outside the Popularity Box

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names outside the box

By Jackie at Namesplash

Have you ever been frustrated to find that a name you’ve loved for years is actually more popular than you thought?

When I was ten or so, I remember thinking the names Piper and Cooper were adorable and unique. While my personal tastes have changed quite bit in the last fifteen years, I still tend to steer clear of names I deem “too popular.” Both of my “unique” choices are now in the SSA Top 100, and I can only watch helplessly as many of the baby names I’ve loved for years trend tragically upwards.

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Name Trend: The I’s Have It for Girls


For a long time, I has been the silent starting vowel, overshadowed by the more popular A, E and O names. But now we’re seeing I names stepping up, particularly for girls. These range from some revitalized vintage names (Ida, sweet as apple cider) to the classical to the international like Inez and Ingrid. So far there are only two I-girls on the Top 100 list—Isabella and Isabelle—but here are some others that we consider worthy of joining them.

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