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Neglected Baby Names: The K girls

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neglected baby names

By Kara Blakley

K, more than most other letters, has been misunderstood. Check the Nameberry forums and you’ll find plenty of comments like, “I’m not a fan of K names. Most give me the trendy vibe.” “I am not a fan of K names. I think this has to do with the trend of replacing Cs with Ks,” “Most K names look off,” “I usually interpret the K names as being younger or less traditional than the Cs,” “Cs are classier than Ks.” You get the idea. And yet, K is a pretty popular letter in the wider world. A few numbers demonstrate the disparity of love for K: the Top 250 on Nameberry includes seven K names (including Khaleesi and Katniss) for girls, and six for boys. However, there are sixteen K names for girls and twelve for boys in the US Top 250.

Perhaps K has an image problem: an overexposed TV family might have something to do with that. What if namers might be inclined towards a K name, but they’re not sure how to choose one that will retain its appeal long after certain reality stars fade from the spotlight?

Here are my nominations for K names worth a second look. Not only do none of these names exude the “kree8tiv” vibe that Berries typically stay away from, but many actually have a use and sound that transcend languages and cultures.

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x names for boys

By Abby Sandel

The Jolie-Pitts started it.

Angelina Jolie adopted a seven-month-old baby from Cambodia in 2002 and named him Maddox. Three of her children with Brad Pitt now have X-ending names: Maddox, Pax, and Knox.

Last month, the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne welcomed twins Lennox and Phoenix, another example of brothers’ names united by the letter X.

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Fun and games with baby names

By Nick Turner

It’s April Fools’ Day — a perfect time to explore the subject of baby-name riddles and other mischief.

For some parents, choosing a name is an opportunity for wordplay. They favor palindromes (words that are spelled the same way forward and backward) or try to pick sets of sibling names that are anagrams (meaning they contain the same letters).

My general philosophy with baby names is you should try to have fun but not too much fun. And that applies to riddles as well. Having twin girls named Isla and Lisa (anagrams) is playful without being too outrageous. Naming your kids Geneva and Avenge, meanwhile, would be harder to pull off.

Let’s start with my favorite naming trick: palindromes. This is a low-key way to add a little zip to your child’s name, and there are more than a dozen options to choose from.

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G baby names for girls

By Hannah Bowes

Many people tend to fall into the trend of having a favourite starting letter in their name lists. Right now there’s a significant number loving A names and E names but some of the other letters tend to get neglected. So, here’s to bringing the letter G into the limelight with some of the best G name choices for girls.

With the arrival of Prince George and screen influences such as The Danish Girl’s Gerda, it is not hard to predict that the letter G may be coming into mainstream use after years of neglect.

Here are some recommended girls’ names beginning with the letter G:

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Most Popular Vowel Names for Girls

top baby girl names

by Pamela Redmond Satran

The new Nameberry popular baby names list is out, and the results are stunning in terms of the dominance of vowel-starting names, especially for girls.

Eight of the Top 10 girls’ names start with vowels. Of the Top 25 girls’ names, 15 begin with vowels. And of the Top 50, more than half – 28 – start with A, E, I, or O (sorry, Ursula, but no U).

This vowel domination is more pronounced than on the US Popular Baby Names list, where 20 of the Top 50 girls’ names start with vowels.

What are the most popular vowel-starting girls’ names on Nameberry today?

First, let’s look at them by letter. As in overall statistics, A is the most dominant first initial, starting 12 of the top girls’ names. E is next with ten, followed by four for I and two for O.  Here are the 28 top girls’ names alphabetically.

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