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Which are the Most Popular State Names?

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By Emily Cardoza

With city names like BrooklynMadison, and Charlotte getting popular, let’s expand to larger locations. So today, I’ll be looking at which United States’ names have made it into the 2014 Top 1000 baby names. Most of them go to the girls – only Dakota made it onto the boys’ list. Why is it that girls seem to be named after locations more often? You can let us know your theories in the comments below.

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Hot Climate Christmas Baby Names

hot Christmas names

By Esmeralda Rocha

Apart from names connected with the nativity story, most traditional Christmas names are connected to the season. Winter, Neve, Holly, Ivy are names that consistently feature in Christmas naming lists.

But these frosty, cool climate names are only one side to the story; in the southern hemisphere, Christmas is a summer holiday, where sun, fire and exotic flowers accompany the Christmas story and its message of love.

So what names evoke the Christmas experience south of the equator? We looked to South America, the Asia-Pacific and southern Africa to bring you some unexpected, sultry and exotic Christmas names.

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7 Fresh Word Name Rarities

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New word names

By Anna Otto, Waltzing More Than Matilda

Some vocabulary names are popular, like Poppy and Summer, while others are familiar, like Faith and Melody. Then there are the vocabulary names that are more unexpected. These are ten names I have seen (on Australians) this year – but only once. They are all real names, but comparative rarities.

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A Lexicon of International Nature Names

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international nature names

By Kelsey Andersen

Nature has always been a spring (pun intended) that people have used for inspiration when coming up with names for their children. Many of them are heard time and time again, and the search for fresh alternatives never ceases. I know even in my own case, I’ve scoured the Internet for unusual scientific names for trees, flowers, and more for potential names. But what about nature names in other languages? This is an untapped source for new ideas. Here are some to get you started!

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Top Brand Baby Names: From Audi to ESPN

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brand baby names

By Nick Turner

There are many places to seek out baby-name inspiration: your relatives, a favorite book or movie…maybe even the pages of a celebrity rag.

But it takes an especially brave soul to name your baby after a corporate brand.

And yet, every year lots of U.S. parents do just that. There were 73 baby girls named Lexus in 2014. Twenty-three kids went by Kia, and 20 were christened Audi. And those are just some of the car names.

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