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March Baby Names: Notable Namesakes

March baby names

By Meagan Burke, TulipByAnyName

The Merry Month of March welcomes warmer weather and longer days as we head into spring. March is the celebration of Women’s History Month, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Middle Name Pride Day! Let’s spring into spring with this eclectic list of notable March events and birthdays.

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Devilish Baby Names: Lilith and Loki

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devilish  baby names

By Emily Cardoza

This past weekend I went to see Robert Eggers’ The Witch, an excellent (albeit scary and really unusual) film about a Puritan family dealing with the supernatural. The references to the Devil got me thinking – are there any devilish names in use out there? Here are the ones I found. The names have been ordered by popularit, greatest to least (the numbers in parentheses show how many babies were given the name).

Lilith (447)

The popularity of cheerful Lily has given this name a boost, but the original Lilith was Adam‘s first wife in Jewish folklore. She refused to be subservient to him and left him, turning into a demon (I’m personally on her side in this debate). The connotation is preserved mostly in the Jewish tradition, but it’s interesting to see such an innocent-looking name with such a diabolic origin story.

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Girl Scout Baby Names

Meagan Burke, TulipByAnyName

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EcoVintage Baby Names

vintage baby names

Looking for the middle ground between River and Felix, Ruth and Wren? EcoVintage baby names might be the answer. They’re borrowed from the natural world, but unlike Winter or Skye, they have long histories of use. EcoVintage names were just as popular in 1916 as 2016. Many of the most stylish baby names of our day belong to this category.(by Abby Sandel)

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centenarian baby names

By Tiana Putric

The following ten people have four things in common: all are women, all are American-born, all have uncommon appellations, and all are living super-centenarians. Super-centenarians, or Super-C’s, are very rare people: they have lived to be 110 years old or more. Meet ten women who have reached super-centenarian status:

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