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Newsy Names of November: Florence & Fidel

Newsiest names November

By John Kelly

From world-record holders and world leaders to Fantastic Beasts and fantastic journalists, November was a quite month for names in the news. Let’s have a closer look at some of the top names that made the headlines – and their fantastic, world-spanning origins.


After bingeing on turkey this Thanksgiving, many binged on the revival of the Gilmore Girls. Fans were eager to catch up with the always-exciting goings-on of its title women, Rory and Lorelai. On the show, Rory is a nickname for the character’s given name, Lorelai, after her mom. In real life, Rory comes from a Gaelic name that means “red king,” perfect for the character’s fiery wit and strong-willed personality.

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Nameberry’s Names of the Year 2016

2016 Names of the Year

By Linda Rosenkrantz and Abby Sandel

The Defining Event of 2016 may have been the presidential election, but the political names that hit the headlines –DonaldHillary? Bernard?– are unlikely to find themselves on many new baby birth certificates. And so for Nameberry’s Names of the Year we’ve looked beyond politics to other bold-faced names that reflect current trends and are prime to inspire baby names of the future.

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November birth announcements

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Some interesting names posted in the Birth Announcement forums this month, including our first Loki.

I love the way musical names Allegra, Amadeus and Callas are embedded in a sibset.

Here are all the names:

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Best celebrity sibsets

By Abby Sandel

We welcomed dozens of new starbabies in 2016, many with inventive names. Plenty of those new children joined older sisters and brothers at home. This means their parents had two challenges. Not only did they have to choose a great name, but it had to work with their sibset.

Of course, no rule says that siblings’ names have to match. But parents tend to develop a signature style. Often it’s clear that they’ve decided on a general approach – whether it involves sticking with family traditions or opting for heritage choices. At other times, the names seem to coordinate naturally, almost without effort.

Whether it’s easier or more difficult to name second, third, or even fifth children depends, of course, and we’ve heard parents report every possible experience. What we do know is that these nine celebrity families nailed it! Here are nine of the best celebrity sibsets of 2016.

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Influential Baby Names: Star Athletes

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Influential athlete names

By Nancy Man, Nancy’s Baby Names

The excitement generated by the recent Chicago Cubs World Series win – and by all the regular and post-season games leading up to it – could end up having an impact on the baby name charts in 2016. (I’m looking at you, Wrigley!)

But this shouldn’t be too surprising. Sports have been influencing baby names since the late 1800s. And I’m not just talking about the most high-profile sports like baseball, football, and basketball. I’m also talking about figure skating, gymnastics, running, skiing, rowing, boxing, car racing, horse racing, soccer, tennis, golf, the martial arts, and more.

As proof, here are a dozen sportspeople whose rise to fame can be linked to at least one baby name appearing on the U.S. baby name charts for the very first time:

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