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2016 Baby Name Faves

By Abby Sandel

Have your favorite baby names changed this year?

Thinking about the names that captured my attention, week after week, I sense a theme. The names feel modern, but have history and roots. They’re not invented, exactly, but in most cases, they wouldn’t have seemed like given names twenty years ago. Maybe even ten!

In some ways, that’s because the line for outlandish baby names has been pushed way back. Blame it on the Kardashians. After North, Saint, Reign, and Dream, names like Wren, Kai, Blaze, and Saylor seem as ordinary as the Jasons and Megans of an earlier generation.

The good news is that parents can exercise considerable creativity to choose distinctive names rich with meaning. Or even inventing them – our summer contest for new names resulted in hundreds of fresh, new possibilities.

The downside, of course, is that pressure to choose the right name can be intense. Many parents-to-be find themselves debating if a name is too different. Or maybe too ordinary, a worry expressed by a generation of women who grew up answering to Jennifer C. or Ashley J.

Here are my nine picks for nine names that came up in discussion week after week in 2016.

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Names of the Year? Your Turn to Pick!

OK, you’ve seen our picks for 2016’s names of the year--based on their impact on both popular culture and baby names. Now it’s your turn to tell us what name or names YOU would add to this list. And, of course, the reasons behind the choice.

Bonus question: What names do you see getting hotter in 2017 and making it onto next year’s list?

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Celebrity Baby Names: New in November

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By CaraMichelle

Some interesting starbaby choices in November: the Blac ChinaRob Kardashian pick of Dream Renee for their little girl drew a lot of attention, Alison Pill called her daughter Wilder, and Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis named their son Dimitri Portwood, while Ellie Kemper went for the more traditional James Miller.

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Newsy Names of November: Florence & Fidel

By John Kelly

From world-record holders and world leaders to Fantastic Beasts and fantastic journalists, November was a quite month for names in the news. Let’s have a closer look at some of the top names that made the headlines – and their fantastic, world-spanning origins.


After bingeing on turkey this Thanksgiving, many binged on the revival of the Gilmore Girls. Fans were eager to catch up with the always-exciting goings-on of its title women, Rory and Lorelai. On the show, Rory is a nickname for the character’s given name, Lorelai, after her mom. In real life, Rory comes from a Gaelic name that means “red king,” perfect for the character’s fiery wit and strong-willed personality.

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Nameberry’s Names of the Year 2016

By Linda Rosenkrantz and Abby Sandel

The Defining Event of 2016 may have been the presidential election, but the political names that hit the headlines –DonaldHillary? Bernard?– are unlikely to find themselves on many new baby birth certificates. And so for Nameberry’s Names of the Year we’ve looked beyond politics to other bold-faced names that reflect current trends and are prime to inspire baby names of the future.

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