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Baby Name Trends 2017

baby name trends 2017
America’s new conservative turn signals a complete reinvention of baby names. The newly-dominant red staters favor names that defy convention: invented names with unique spellings and nontraditional gender identities. And parents of all political beliefs are embracing names from a range of fresh sources — gods and wild animals, spiritual beliefs and childhood heroes — that all embody power. We foresee more than mere baby name trends in 2017: We predict a full-blown baby naming revolution. — by the editors of Nameberry

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Baby Naming Lessons from the Kardashians

Kardashian baby names

By Abby Sandel

Back in 2007, a little reality show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted on the E! channel.

Nearly a decade later – yes, it’s been that long – we’re still following the family’s foibles, from the scandalous to the mundane.

Along the way, matriarch Kris Jenner has become a grandmother to six. The most recent arrival is Dream Renee, daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Every pregnancy and birth has been detailed on the family’s shows and in the press, meaning that you probably recognize the next generation’s names, even if you’re not keeping up with the family.

We can’t explain it, but there’s an intensity to the Kardashian family baby name watch that’s undeniable. It’s as if we hope the names will be trend-setting, dramatic, extravagant, and daring. Without fail, the family has delivered.

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celebrity baby name Lucille

We’ve been lucky enough to share some wonderful blogs from celebrity mom/cool baby namer Natalie Hanson, focusing on her and husband Taylor‘s choices of the names Viggo and Wilhelmina.  And now we’re delighted to report that our Hanson connection expands with the addition of Natalie‘s sister-in-law Kate, wife of  Zak, explaining here what’s behind their latest choice .

By Kate Hanson

My love of all things names goes back to childhood, and I think it stems from experimenting with my own name, Kathryn. Starting in second grade I moved from Katy to Kathryn, ending up as Kate by high school. A big thank you to my parents for letting me meander so freely through all the variations. I really appreciated having a name I could play with, and I started paying attention to what the perfect name can offer a person. I remember combing through the racks at our local bookstore as a young girl, finally coming away so pleased with Baby Names for the 90s! It’s a book I still pull out from time to time. Since those days, I have named four babies of my own, and my sister-in-law, Natalie, and I still spend many a tea time/car line chat sharing our most recent name discoveries and inspirations.

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Newsy names October

By John Kellymashed radish

From Nobel Prizes to the World Series, October 2016 gave us many surprises. Here’s a look back at some of the names in the news last month, and some of the surprises hiding inside their origins.


Musician Bob Dylan, born Robert Zimmerman, won this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature. Bob, a traditional pet form of Robert, may seem like a humble moniker for this living legend, but the name, from the Old High German Hrodberht, aptly means “bright-fame.” Dylan has said he changed his surname to Dylan in tribute to poet Dylan Thomas. Dylan, a Welsh name, comes from a root word for “sea,” expansive like the artist’s long career.

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Celebrity Baby Names: October starbabies

October starbabies

By CaraMichelle

Here’s Cara’s comprehensive list of the starbabies born in October!

Among the more high profile choices are Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikas’s sweet Daisy Josephine; Audra McDonald’s vintage Sally James; Kevin and Danielle Jonas’s rhythmic Valentina Angelina and Eva Amurri Martino’s boy Major James.

Some of the most unusual picks: a girl named Lynes and boys called Hemingway, Lio and Tiger

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