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Gender: F Pronunciation: ZO-EE Meaning of Zoey: "life" Origin of Zoey: Spelling variation of Zoe Zoey's Popularity in 2015: #23

About 7,000 parents chose the phonetic Zoey for their daughters in the last year counted, its kinship with Joey giving it a tomboyish feel. Zoey is now the most popular form of the name, in the Top 25; Zoie is rising in popularity, too. Zoey has become a screenwriters' fave, with characters by that name appearing on Zoey 101, Nurse Jackie and The West Wing.

Famous People Named Zoey

Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch, American actress
Zoey Dean, pen name for American authors of The A-List series
Zoey Klein, daughter of TLC reality stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein of "The Little Couple"

Pop Culture References for the name Zoey

Zoey Johnson, teenaged character on TV's "Black-ish"
Zoey Brooks, main character on TV's "Zoey 101"
Zoey Woodbine, daughter on TV's "Cybill"
Zoey Montgomery later called Zoey Redbird, main vampire in the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Zoey Sandin, character in movie "The Purge"
Zoey, dog of American YouTuber and musician Charles Trippy
Zoey Barkow, character on TV's "Nurse Jackie"
Zoey, daughter on TV's 'Terranova'
Zoey, character in Pokemon video games
Zoey Hanson, character in anime "Tokyo Mew Mew"
Zoey, character in video game "Left 4 Dead"
Zoey Howzer, character in animated series "The Proud Family"
Zoey Andata, character on TV's "FlashForward"
Zoey Patricia Bartlet, character on TV's "The West Wing"
Zoey Stevens, main character in TV movie "Zapped"
Zoey Carter, character in TV movie "The Secret Life of Zoey"
Zoey, orangutan in children's book "Zoey & Me" by Mallory Lewis
Zoey Van Goey, Scottish indie pop band
Duncan Zowie Jones, son of David Bowie