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Gender: F Meaning of Zara: "princess; to blossom" Origin of Zara: Hebrew and Arabic Zara's Popularity in 2015: #402

Zara is an evocative name, often used in early movies and novels for a sultry character from the East -- Greta Garbo played one in the 1932 film As You Desire Me. Britain's Princess Anne defied royal convention by giving her daughter the exotic Arabic name in 1981, thus bestowing on Zara instant upper-class status.

One of the first uses of Zara was by William Congreve in his 1697 play The Mourning Bride as the name of an African queen. Zara, Priestess of the Golden Flame, also was a Wonder Woman comic book villain.

Zara can also be spelled Zarah or Zahra, as Chris Rock did for his daughter. The related Zahara is the name of Brad and Angelina's oldest daughter. All forms of Zara are related to the biblical Sarah. Possible downside: the Zara clothing stores now in many malls.

Zara, the heroine of a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, is currently Number 402 in the U.S. It entered the list in 2005.

Famous People Named Zara

Zara Aldana, Filipina celebrity
Zara Bate, Australian fashion designer
Zara Frances Cully, American actress
Zara Dolukhanova, Armenian mezzo-soprano singer
Zara Larsson, Swedish singer
Zara Levina, Ukrainian pianist and composer
Zara Northover, Jamaican shot putter
Zara Peerzada, Pakistani model
Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne
Zara Sheikh, Pakistani model
Zara Wallace, American author and editor
Zara Wright, American author based in Chicago, IL

Pop Culture References for the name Zara

Queen Zara, character in "The Secret History of Queen Zara and the Zarazians"
Zara, character in "The Mourning Bride" by William Congreve
Zara, character on "Switched at Birth"
ZARA, Spanish clothing company
Zara Asker, character in "CHERUB" series by Robert Muchamore
Zara White, character in "Need" series by Carire Jones
Zara Amaro, daughter of Detective Amaro in Law and Order: SVU

Zahra, Zarina, Zayeera, Zarah, Zarinda, Zaria, Zaira, Zahara, Zareena