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Gender: M Pronunciation: YOOR-ee Origin of Yuri: Russian variation of George

Common Russian name familiarized here via cosmonaut Yury Gagarin and a character in Dr. Zhivago, but we don't see it ever gaining permanent resident status.

Famous People Named Yuri

Yuri Gagarin, first man in space
Yuri Kwon, female singer and member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation
Yuri Pleskun, Russian-American male model

Pop Culture References for the name Yuri

Yuri, a term in manga used for lesbian romance
Yuri Lowell is a main protagonist in the Japanese video game Tales of Vesperia
Yuri Cosmos, character in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Yorii, Yura, Yore, Yurick, Yurochka, Yurii, Yury

Yuri's International Variations

Juri (Polish)