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Gender: F Pronunciation: yah-ehl Meaning of Yael: "to ascend" Origin of Yael: Hebrew

Yael is an Old Testament name often heard in Israel that could work well here: just remember that it's pronounced with two syllables...it is also spelled Ya'el. In the Bible she was a Kenite woman in the time of Deborah who killed the enemy general, Sisera.

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Famous People Named Yael

Yael Naim, singer known for her song "New Soul"
Bible: Jael was the "tent-dwelling woman" who killed Sisera, commander of an opposing army, by driving a tent peg through his temple while he slept.
Yael Stone, Australian actress known for her role as Lorna Morello on Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black"
Yael Grobglas, actress who played Olivia on "Reign" and Petra on "Jane the Virgin"

Pop Culture References for the name Yael

A woman named Yael is in charge of admissions at the rabbinical school Uncle Andy briefly attends in Weeds.

Yale, Yaella, Jael, Yaalit, Yaalat, Yaala, Yaeli, Yeela, Yeala