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Gender: F Meaning of Winona: "firstborn daughter" Origin of Winona: Sioux Indian

Rode two rockets to fame, with actress Winona Ryder and singer Wynonna Judd.

Famous People Named Winona

Winona Ryder, American actress (born Winona Laura Horowitz)
Winona LaDuke, American activist

Pop Culture References for the name Winona

Winona Hawkins, character on the TV show "Justified"
Winona Kirk, mother of Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek)
Winona, city in Minnesota; home to Winona State University
"She's My Winona," a song by Fall Out Boy
Winona, flying-type gym leader from the Pokemon games and anime

Wynona, Wenona, Winnie, Winonah, Wanano, Winoena, Winnona, Wynnona, Wenonah