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Gender: M Pronunciation: vil-HELM Meaning of Wilhelm: "resolute protection" Origin of Wilhelm: German variation of William

Since the World War I days of Kaiser Wilhelm, has been prohibitively heel clicking.

Famous People Named Wilhelm

Wilhelm I and II, German emperors
Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt, German physician; founder of modern psychology
Wilhelm Marr, German radical, nationalist and race-agitator
Wilhelm Roentgen, German Nobel Prize winner, discoverer of X-rays
Wilhelm Heinrich Erb, German Neurologist
Wilhelm Furtwängler, German conductor and composer
Wilhelm Grimm, German anthropologist
Wilhelm Keitel, German Field Marshal
Wilhelm List, German Field Marshal
Wilhelm Reich, Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst
Wilhelm Wien, German Nobel Prize Winner
William Charles John Pitcher or C. Wilhelm, British costume designer
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, German philosopher
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, German mathematician and philosopher
Wilhelm von Humboldt, German philosopher and diplomat
Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, German philosopher
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, American actor

Pop Culture References for the name Wilhelm

Wilhelm Stuckart, character in movie "Conspiracy"
Wilhelm Klink, colonel on TV's "Hogan's Heroes"
Wilhelm, character in Xenosaga video games
Wilhelm, servant in manga "Ludwig Kakumei"
Wilhelm Wicki, character in movie "Inglorious Basterds"

Wilm, Willy, Wil, Willi