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Gender: M Meaning of Vivian: "life" Origin of Vivian: Latin

Though still occasionally used for boys in Britain, totally female here.

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Famous People Named Vivian

Vivian Patrick Campbell, guitarist and back-up vocalist for rock band Def Leppard
Vivian Hensley, Magician
Vivian Crawford, English cricketer
Vivian Woodward, English footballer
Vivian Hunter Galbraith, English historian and professor at Oxford
Vivian Bose, Judge of the Supreme Court of India
Vivian Van Damm, English Impresario of the Windmill Theatre
Vivian Frederick Maynard FitzSimons, South African herpetologist
Vivian Ellis, English musical comedy composer
Sir Vivian Fuchs, English explorer
Vivian H. H. Green, Rector of Lincoln College and Oxford
Vivian Blake, Jamaican politician and Chief Justice of the Bahamas
Sir Vivian Naylor-Leyland, British aristocrat and banker
Vivian Bendall, English Conservative politician
Vivian Cook, English linguist and Professor at Newcastle University
Vivian Jackson, Jamaican reggae musician
Vivian de Buffrénil, French histologist and palaeobiologist
Vivian Richards, Antiguan cricketer and sports commentator
Vivian Imerman, South African businessman and former CEO of Del Monte
Vivian Anderson, English football coach and defender
Vivian Harris , Guyanese boxer

Pop Culture References for the name Vivian

Vivyan, Vyvyan, Vivien, Viviani, Vyvian

Vivian's International Variations

Viviano (Spanish)