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Gender: F Meaning of Vina: "vineyard" Origin of Vina: Spanish

Occasionally heard in the 1920s and 30s, along with siblings Bina and Mina; Vienna would be a more modern choice.

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Famous People Named Vina

Vina Bovy, Belgian soprano
Vina Mazumdar, Indian academic and feminist
Vina Morales, Filipina singer/ actress

Pop Culture References for the name Vina

Vina, character in TV's "Star Trek: The Original Series"
Means "lute" in Sanskrit
Shortened form of Alvina, Davina, Elvina, Lavina, Malvina, etc.

Vynetta, Vinya, Vynette, Veena, Vinica, Vyna, Vinita, Veina, Vena, Vinette, Vinetta, Vinia