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Gender: M Meaning of Walter: German, "army ruler"

Vill always sound as if you're pronouncing Walter with an affected accent.

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Famous People Named Valter

Valter Skarsgard, Swedish actor
Valter Birsa, Slovenian football player
Valter Borges, Cape Verdean football player
Valter Chifu, Romanian volleyball player
Valter Costa, Portuguese football player
Ricardo Valter da Costa, Brazilian football player
Valter Dešpalj, Croatian cellist
Valter Di Salvo, Italian fitness coach
Valter Gabrielsen, Norwegian politician
Valter Giuliani, Italian astronomer
Valter Guchua, Georgian football player
Valter Heuer, Estonian chess player, chess journalist and chess historian
Lars Valter Hörmander, Swedish mathematician
Valter Klauson, Soviet Estonian politician
Risto Valter Luukkonen, Finnish boxer
Valter Matošević, Croatian team handball player
Valter Ojakäär, Estonian composer and publicist
Valter Palm, Estonian boxer
Valter Perić, Yugoslav partisan
Valter Poghosyan, Armenian football player
Valter Prette, Italian engineer, editor and journalist
Daniel Valter Rogelim, Brazilian racing cyclist
Valter Roman, Romanian communist activist and soldier
Edgar Valter Saks, Estonian statesman, amateur historian and author
Valter Tomaz Junior, Brazilian football player
Valter Wredberg, Swedish sprint canoer
Edgar Valter, Estonian writer and illustrator of children's books

Pop Culture References for the name Valter

Valter, character from a tactical role-playing game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Valters, Valtr, Valther