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Gender: F Origin of Tulip: Turkish flower name

One of the most unusual flower names, Tulip is cute but tough to pull off as a first. It has some celebrity cred via Charlie Tamara Tulip, twin daughter of Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell.

Famous People Named Tulip

Tulip Joshi, Indian actress
Tulipa Ruiz, Brazilian singer and song-writer
Tulip Siddiq, British MP
Tulip Victoria (b. 1971), daughter of Tiny Tim and wife Miss Vicki
Charlie Tamara Tulip (b. 2009), daughter of actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell

Pop Culture References for the name Tulip

Tulip (Gundernay), character in The Sailor's Return (1925) by David Garnett; wife of the sailor William Targett and daughter to King Gaze-oh of Dahomey
Tulip, Hope's given name in 'Hope was Here' by Joan Bauer
Tulip O'Hare, character on AMC Preacher