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Gender: M Meaning of Tony: "priceless one" Origin of Tony: Diminutive of Anthony Tony's Popularity in 2015: #504

Tony, as in classy. Or To-nyyy, as yelled out a tenement window.

Famous People Named Tony

Anthony "Tony" Bennett, American singer
Anthony "Tony" Danza- American actor
Anthony "Tony" Dungy, American football coach
Anthony "Tony" Gonzalez, American football player
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk- American skateboarder
Anthony "Tony" Shalhoub, American actor
Antonio "Tony" Romo, American football quarterback
Tony Perry, lead guitarist of the band Pierce The Veil
Tony Law, Canadian stand-up comedian
Tony Blackburn, English DJ
Tony Oller, Actor and Singer in MKTO
Tony Parker, American basketball player
Anthony John "Tony" Abbott, Australian prime minister

Pop Culture References for the name Tony

Special Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, character in TV's "NCIS"
Anthony "Tony" Stark, AKA Iron Man, from Marvel Comics and the Iron Man movies, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.
Tony Wyzek, character in musical "West Side Story"
Anthony "Tony" Soprano, from "The Sopranos"
Tony Tony Chopper, a reindeer character in anime "One Piece"
Tony's Town Square, a restaurant located in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
Tony Markham, character in Maud Hart Lovelace's "Betsy-Tacy" high school stories
Tony Sawicki, trans clone from "Orphan Black"
Anthony "Tony" Foyle, Lord Gillingham from "Downton Abbey"
Tony, name of Danny's imaginary friend who lived in his mouth in "The Shining"
Tony Woodward aka Girder, character on TV's "The Flash"
Tony Chiccolini, character on TV's "Jessie"

Tonny, Tonie, Tonyo, Tonik, Tono, Tonis, Toney, Tonnie

Tony's International Variations

Tonda, Tonek (Czech) Tonio (Portuguese)