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Gender: M Origin of Toby: Diminutive of Tobias Toby's Popularity in 2014: #605

This jaunty unisex nickname name has recently been given a shot of testosterone via actor Tobey Maguire and the gruff, erudite character on West Wing.

Famous People Named Toby

Tobias Vincent "Tobey" Maguire, American actor
Toby Jones, English actor
Toby Stephens, English actor
Toby "Tobuscus" Turner, Youtube comedian
Toby Gerhart, American football player
Toby Keith, Country music singer
Toby "tobyMac" McKeehan (born Kevin Michael McKeehan), Christian singer/songwriter
Toby Regbo, English actor best known as King Francis II on CW's "Reign"
Toby Kebbell, British actor

Pop Culture References for the name Toby

Toby Ziegler, character in "The West Wing"
Toby Cavanaugh, character in "Pretty Little Liars"
Toby Kennish, character in "Switched at Birth"
Toby Williams, character in the film "Labyrinth"
Toby Lolness, character in Timothée de Fombelle's "Toby Alone" novels
Toby, character in "Thomas & Friends"
Toby Flenderson, character in US TV series "The Office"
Toby, character in "The Great Mouse Detective"
Toby Mangel, character in Australian TV soap "Neighbours"
Ticci Tody, character in "Creepypasta"
Toby Griffin, character in TV series "Justified"
Toby, character in "Scorpion"

Tobi, Tobey, Tobee, Thobie, Tobe, Tobby, Tobie, Thobey