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Gender: M Origin of Tennessee: Native American, Cherokee, place-name

When playwright Thomas Lanier Williams adopted the pen name of Tennessee, he created a new possibility among American place-names, although it's admittedly a bit bulky in size. Reese Witherspoon brought it back into the spotlight when she chose it for her son.

Famous People Named Tennessee

Tennessee Williams - American playwright.
Tennessee Edwards- Executive Producer- television
Tennessee James Toth (b. 2012) - son of Reese Witherspoon
Tennessee Ernie Ford - singer, songwriter, entertainer
Tenneesse Hawkins (b. 2015) - son of country singer Eric Church

Pop Culture References for the name Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the 50 American states.
Tennessee Edwards is an American TV producer (reality TV genre and docu series).
"Tennessee Jed," Grateful Dead song
"Tennessee" Ernie Ford. Ernest Ford took the name of his home state when he became a radio and television personality in Hollywood in the late 40's early 50's.

Tennesy, Tenny, Tennysee, Tenn